15 Dec I am your Daddy!!!



JUAN SAYS: With the ongoing circus in Philippine politics where people from every nook are battling it out in the facebook arena more than their chosen candidates, we can’t help but think that the next President of the Republic is no less than another Darth Vader! Fueled by ambition (disguised under his love for the country and the call to serve the Filipinos), we would like to believe that every candidate feels that it is their destiny to be next leader, and that “throne” is rightfully theirs. Naghamunan ng sampalan, nagbukilkilan ng baho, nagmurahan, kulang na lang talaga magpatayan. Doesn’t it make you feel that the politics in the Philippines is very much like the Star Wars saga? The good battles the bad. And every wanna be leader is very much like Darth Vader – a fusion of everything evil, yet we are all hoping that the light of goodness comes shining through in the next six years, or else we are doomed! But aren’t we all doomed in the first place? We have 5 contenders for President yet there is a huge chunk of voters who are still undecided. Many are going by their emotions because many are sick and tired of people who promise change but never gave it. Thus we succumb to voting and tirelessly arguing with friends whom we want to vote with the kind of president we want – never mind if he is a womanizer, never mind if he is a self confessed murderer, never mind if his ways are too barbaric, because in truth, this is what we all have come to – back to the medieval ages where force is simply enforced without question.


Then there is the oligarch who pretends to be masa. No matter how he tries to project himself, we would always feel that he is somehow detached from the voters. There is a lack of sincerity in his ads, in his speeches and everything that he does from the fist bump to eating in a tasa, to driving traffic under the rain. Ngayon makikipagsapakan ka naman sa barbarian? It’s like Jose Rizal fighting with Andres Bonifacio. Nobody wins.

Then there are others. The brilliant woman whom we were once rooting for and gave us much entertainment in the Senate. That woman who had a feisty vocabulary which sent all of us googling her words. Yet we too have doubts, not about her sanity, but about her health. We are beyond past her insanity, because we too have become insane!

Then the newbie who wowed us during the Mamasapano investigation. We thought she was different, but her alliance with her running mate has proven otherwise. We all hoped that she was a new breed kind of politician. But as the saying goes: “birds of the same feather make a feather duster.” Trapo kung trapo man!

And do even have to speak about the Dark Lord immortalized? He has become the poster boy of corruption bar none. ‘Nuff said.

We are served with Darth Vaders on the platter. Each leaves a certain distaste in the mouth. Where JUAN? Where do we go from here?

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