19 Aug How This Girl Stole The Show



JUAN SAYS: We bet that this coming Halloween many women would be dressing down to be Harley Quinn, the girl in that Suicide Squad movie that was just a cut above the rest. We know, we will all be in agreement when we say that without Harley Quinn, there will be no Suicide Squad. The character of Harley Quinn just makes this movie one hell of an experience. Truth be told, if little girls started pleading to their moms about dressing up as Harley this coming Halloween, this would surely give these moms a mild heart attack. It isn’t just about the skimpy shorts that could set off the alarm among parents, but it is about Harley’s “bad ass bitch” character in the movie. No, Harley is not exactly your dream role model for your little girls.


Harley Quinn is exactly the girl that you don’t want your daughters to be. She was a psychiatrist who gave up her career to be the girlfriend of a wanted criminal. She fell madly in love with The Joker to the extent of throwing herself in acid for him. She suited up like Joker, his looks, his violent behavior and personality – killing, robbing and yes agogo dancing in clubs. She then landed in prison, just like any other criminal. Harley is exactly what we all fear to be, a woman who’s life revolved around a man – a psycho and abusive man with no regard for women.

But Harley’s character is no stranger to many women. As we have written in our previous article: “there is a little bit of Harley” in all of us. In reality, Harley (sans the super powers, and the extreme experience of throwing herself in acid) is one relatable character. Everybody is a Harley. Good girls gone bad is not exactly a shocking reality.

If there is anything that stole our hearts while watching Suicide Squad, it is Harley’s human side. We all fell in love with Harley’s “I don’t give a shit” attitude, and just did what she had to do. All of us have that one friend who reminds us of Harley. The no nonsense attitude draws us closer to this friend hoping that it would rub off on us.

Harley gave the movie a touch of reality hidden beneath the surface of her “strong woman” persona, Harley remains to be a “girl.” A girl that each one of us would like to be – a badass bitch who isn’t afraid to risk anything and everything. She’s that girl who knows that she is powerful, a girl who knows how to use her femininity to her advantage. She knows what she wants, and gets it at all cost (every girl wants THAT BAG, don’t we all?), though we know we won’t go that extreme. She is the girl who cries when losing someone dear, but knows that there is a time to put up a façade, no matter if your heart is breaking. And at the end of it all, Harley is that girl who dreams of settling down with the man she loves, have a family and live a peaceful life. And don’t we all want that?!


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