02 May Hindi Lang Ganda Ang Puhunan



JUAN SAYS: It was a frenzy on Twitter as everyone watching expressed their support for their bets during last night’s coronation of Bb. Pilipinas 2017. We are sure that fans watching inside Araneta as well as those who are watching inside their homes were cheering endlessly for their favorite candidates. Beauty pageants have evolved to become the favorite sport of women and the women at heart, much like basketball.


If anything, last night’s competition proved to be a better competition of the last few years that we have been watching the Binibini. For anything it is worth, Binibini is already sending a message to all aspiring candidates and for the Filipino women in general as well. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi ganda na lang ang puhunan. At this day and age, the determining factor of those who win is and should have always been the brains.

We can safely say that the Q&A of the Binibini, or any pageant for that matter, is a good gauge of how much a contestant knows about the world. We believe that the wider the horizon a contest has, the better chance she has in answering the question – confidently beautiful with a heart. It is not easy to speak extemporaneously nor is it easy to do so amidst a million viewers. It takes a lot for one to compose oneself while listening to the question, processing it in a matter of seconds and give herself while answering the question IN ENGLISH. That is not an easy task. We believe that no training, no practice, and no coaching can change how a person does any of those. It must be normal, it must be how she is, it must be in her character to deliver answers to questions ranging from family to politics to anything under the sun. And with that, our hats and hearts go out to all the winners who bested each other in this year’s competition.

We Are Ready

The Philippines has been one of the contenders for beauty titles in the past couple of years and with this year’s showing at the Binibini, we are in fact telling the world that we are here to stay. It is no longer enough to send another pretty face to sashay down the runway, we have already recognized the need for a powerhouse combination of beauty and brains. And in the many years that we have been watching the pageant, we wonder how come that it is only now that we have recognized that when BRAINS have played a crucial role in “changing the world” since the 50s?

Through the years Beauty Queens have always set the stage for women to be heard. The woman with the crown always had the loudest voice. We have always believed that beauty titlists are more than just the pretty girls in photos, they are in fact walking ambassadors of the causes of women. “Look at her,” we can all say. But have we really said, “Listen to her?”

We must also recognize the fact that one may be able to learn the walk, the wave, the poses, the demeanor in training. For ordinary people, you can learn it from finishing schools like John Robert Powers. However, to answer questions intelligently is a campaign that only the self can wage. Sure everybody can tell you to read books, read newspapers, read websites, watch Ted Talks. But nobody can actually do these things for you. You have to be the one to actually open the books and read, digest the information and learn from it. By learning we mean knowing it by heart, practicing it and incorporating it into your vocabulary. It is you – your hunger for knowledge, your drive to know more and widen your horizon is innately you. Nobody can force you to be that, but only you can humble yourself and realize that you have to learn more – from other people’s perspectives.

The Little Sisters

We believe that this year’s showing at the Binibini sends a clear message to aspiring candidates and the future Binibinis. A pretty face can only get you so far. A great physique, the height, the genes can only bring you so much. It is what you know and how much you know that thrusts you to sit on the throne and wear the crown. We at JUAN have always believed in that. Education and the thirst for knowledge spell the difference between the winners and the clappers. How you present and articulate yourself determines success or failure. We do hope that this starts a new era in “beauty culture.” Gone with the old, in with the new. Finally, the tiara has become to be something WORTH FIGHTING FOR!



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