04 Aug FHM Declares ‘Strong Is The New Sexy’ – That was sooooo yesterday!



JUAN SAYS: This year’s FHM’s 100 Sexiest is a little bit different from the rest of its editions. As their press releases claim, this time around, the event adds a new flavor to their women – those who have gone through shit and risen above it. This year, FHM recognizes (finally) that it isn’t just the body that makes a woman sexy. This year, FHM joins the bandwagon that spells “strong is the new sexy.”


We are not exactly feminists as one would describe a feminist, even if we frown upon women who have nothing else to offer but their faces and their bodies. Surely everyone was expecting FHM to be applauded by transcending the cliché of sexy. But we are not, for the simple reason that they may have missed the boat and played this game a tad too late.

If you have managed to see the changes in the concept of FHM’s annual event, you could definitely say that they are starting to clean it up. Women are encouraged to wear long gowns instead of the usual scanty bikinis. The event has become smaller to accommodate a good number of “quality” attendees. Finally, one might muster, FHM is coming to terms with what it should be. Well, we could still be wrong in our assumptions.

Marketing-wise, sex no longer sells. Or at least, they don’t sell as much as they used to. Sex is so easy to get these days. Any woman with no self respect would send sex invitations left and right to any man they fancy. And some men are getting a lot of it. In economics, when commodity is cheap, the price goes down. And men are getting it for free. Men no longer ogle at sexy bodies found splattered across the magazine’s center spread. They know they can get that anytime, anywhere. Some even know that celebrities can be brought to their beds for a price. And where is the thrill in all that?

Asking women to wear long dresses and avoiding scanty clothing is just a mask. Truly, empowered women know that they are more than the clothes they wear. After all, the women in FHM do not choose the clothes themselves, it is chosen for them by someone else. The dresses they wear do not exactly reflect who they are, but what the “star builders” want them to be. Having someone dictate what you ought be, what to project is not exactly empowering. If anything, it is imprisoning. While everyone is campaigning to be free, this type of industry continues to imprison women, by the clothes they wear, by brain waishing them to what type of guys to date, and sometimes forcing them to be exactly who they don’t want to be.

Finally, women who through shit and rise above it doesn’t make a woman sexy. In truth, shouldn’t this be the default mode of every woman, or man for that matter? We all go through trials and many times our lives become messy because of a wrong decision that we made or one that was made for us. The only thing we can do is to stand up and deal, because that is how it is supposed to be.

We are puzzled with FHM. What is it that you really want to sell?

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