02 Jan Dos and Don’ts of Harana



The Compassionate Art of Harana


A Filipino gentleman’s quick guide on serenading

Though nowadays love is a shake, a poke, a tweet, and an online dating site away, nothing beats the sweet sensation that a harana can bring to the human heart. If you really wish to express a bona fide gesture of romance, better gather up the gang and resurrect the tradition. But first, allow this guide to help you towards the right path of love.

(And hey, if you’re a lady and want at a shot at it as well, feel free to do so. We’re living in the 21st century anyway; we’re pretty much open to the idea of girls doing what boys can do.)

  • Do find a person whose well worth the effort

It’s not often that you see people performing haranas simply because it’s a courteous act of love that is fully respected in this country. Be sure to do it in the right time for the perfect person; when you feel it, you’ll know it.

  • Don’t do it if your intentions aren’t the purest

If you’re planning to do this with a purpose of something sleazy in mind, per se a one night stand, then please retreat to your douche bag cave. Don’t dare taint the purity of the tradition. And also, have a little dignity in yourself.

  • Do invite your best bros to help you and fire up a romance from that bromance

True friends with always be there for you  through the good times and bad. If your efforts would be rewarded positively, then it would be great for you and them. But if it doesn’t end well, hey at least your friends are there to cheer you up (or they could mock you for getting friendzoned).

  • Don’t ask help from a friend who you know is craving for the same heart

What is the first and most important rule of the Bro Code? Bros Before Hoes. If you don’t want to lose the girl or the friendship with your best bud, it is best advised to not take the risk. No woman is ever worth ruining the tight bond that you have with your brother from another mother.

  • Do attempt to sing even if your vocal talent is the same as a potato

Everyone loves a good dork, what’s even better is a dork trying to act normal.

  • Don’t push it too much, please

There’s a fine line between cute and annoying; be sure to never cross that line.

  • Do make it short but sweet

Plan this whole thing well but don’t overdo yourself. One song can be enough if you’re performance comes from the deepest end of your heart. Doing a medley could be fine but if it takes too long, people might eventually want to press the skip button.

  • Don’t wish for it to be a musical moment

This is real life so don’t expect bystanders to suddenly sing along like on Glee. Better yet expect the worst, people in the neighborhood might even yell at you for disrupting their peace. You have been warned.

  • Do follow what your heart yearns

Allow me to borrow what that stud Patrick Verona said in 10 Things I Hate About You, “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Go for it!” You will live an eternity of uncertainty if you won’t take that big leap.

  • Don’t be a torpe

Because there is absolutely no harm in trying. Try and try until you succeed…at reaching that stalker level, then that’s when you can actually stop. As one door closes, another one opens. In time, you’ll find the right door for you, just lower your standards.

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