30 Mar Curiosity Killed the Bakat: When Kids Imitate So-Called ‘Art’




DISCLAIMER: This photograph shows minors who are playing the game ‘ten-twenty.’ None of these children are involved in the story whatsoever. This photo is for illustration purposes only.

It was bad enough that the erotic romance novel of E.L. James made such a social disturbance among the young and old readers, and that everyone started to talk about BDSM like it was a new thing and a cool one at that. (If I remember it correctly, Madonna in the early 90’s showed bits of this lifestyle with her daring music videos and adult oriented picture book). But it doesn’t end there. Readers soon started the discussion of what is supposed to be a perverted love story between a college graduate and a business magnate. Everybody started talking about it, never mind if it was written in mediocre English, but it was a constant topic of conversation at work, on nights out, and yeah, even kindergarten moms were discussing the plot while waiting for their kids to get off school. We got curious. We read the book, not just one, not two, but three books. Three badly written forms of “literature” isn’t exactly a very wise investment.


What’s worse, Hollywood decided that it would be a good storyline for a movie. Thus, BDSM became available for everyone to watch, the old, the perverts and even the young and curious.

The movie was released in the Philippine market with cuts and blurs, but fact is, no matter how much you sensor a movie from the innocence of the youth, technology has made it so much easier to feed one’s curiosity.


DISCLAIMER: This photograph shows minors who are playing the game ‘ten-twenty.’ None of these children are involved in the story whatsoever. This photo is for illustration purposes only.

A number of weeks back it was reported in Quezon City that a 14 year old high school student and her boyfriend decided to see what 50 Shades of Grey was all about. After successfully downloading the film, the two decided to re-enact some gripping scenes from the movie, and see for themselves the kind of experience that bondage and whipping or BDSM brought to the sexually inept.

Their story sure made the news.

The girl died from severe blood loss.

Since both parties involved are minors, no names were disclosed. The boyfriend was secured by authorities for questioning. The boy recounted that since they did not have anything to tie his girlfriend’s hands with, they had used a string of rubber bands used in the children’s game “Ten-Twenty” (a traditional Filipino children’s game similar to Chinese garter where children take turns jumping and doing exhibitions without touching the garter or string of rubber bands).


Trying to come up with an alternative to a belt, the two minors decided to use a “Buntot-Pagi” (a Filipino version of a whip similar to a Sting-Ray tail) instead.

The autopsy released showed that the girl suffered from severe blood loss due to deep cuts created by the whip. It was mentioned that the cuts were so deep that it had almost made cuts to the girl’s bones.

The boyfriend being a minor will not be detained but will undergo a series of therapy sessions under the care of the DSWD.

Authorities have repeated their warning to parents that they be cautious of what their children watch. Not only does the movie give a distorted point of view of relationships to the children, it also becomes a “terrible example of BDSM” according to experts.

There is a reason why certain movies are rated R-18 (restricted for 18 years old and above). There is also a reason why sex isn’t exactly for kids. And there is a reason why we believe that the internet must be regulated by parents. Let’s take this as a cautionary tale and leave the stunts to the movies. If it’s done in the movies, then let’s leave it at that – a stunt in a movie.


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