24 Dec Countdown: Top 10 Harana Songs



Uso Pa Ba ang Harana?


Top 10 classic OPM songs of woo

Long before flash mob proposals became viral in the interweb, we, Filipinos, have been serving cupfuls of sincere affection through the wonderful tradition that our endearing ancestors left us, the Harana. Young men in this country used to stand earnestly beneath the windows of the women they loved to profess their devotion. Backed by supportive friends and accompanied by the town’s finest guitarist, these young suitors crooned the night away until finally invited inside–or ultimately rejected.

Revive the long-abandoned art form and show your true objects of their affection with a simple song. In a non-chronological order, here are ten Harana songs that will surely pierce through the heart.

*Disclaimer: As tempting as it may seem to include Pusong Bato here–as it is ironically (yet lyrically) appropriate, it is not in this list.

  • Nicole Hyala – Mahal Kita Kasi

“Magsalbabida ka nga, kasi baka malunod ka sa pag-ibig ko”

Possibly the cheesiest composition to ever come out of a Filipino’s brain, and yet it is freakishly sweet and catchy that it hurts. At the height of the pick-up line fever, this song arose and invaded local radio stations. Though an overload of cheese may be detrimental, in this case, it might work.

Official video:

Thanks-for-trying version:

  • Rivermaya – Hinahanap hanap kita

“Sa isip at panaginip, bawat pagpihit ng tadhana…”

Before the #MedyoBadboy youngster covered this song on his eponymous album, the ‘90s rock group cooked up this cheerful love anthem that speaks of the truest essence of the word ‘clingy’ way past its prime of use.

Video cover version:

Feel-mo-talaga acapella version:

  • Eraserheads – Ligaya

“Sagutin mo lang ako, aking sinta’y walang humpay, na ligaya”

Here’s another Pinoy alt-rock classic that shares the sentiments of a school boy’s genuine efforts to get that sweet ‘Yes’, even if it means doing someone else’s homework. Plus, opting to serenade with this early E-heads material might result to boost your coolness factor.

Video cover version:

Maawa-ka-na-sa-bata-sagutin-mo-na-please version:

  • Moonstar88 – Torete

“Wag kang mag-alala di ko ipipilit sa ‘yo…”

This is one of the most compelling tracks that the femme-fronted band had produced. It is simply an honest profession of adoration that is fairly open to the idea of rejection; because love will never cease to amaze us on how perplexing it truly is.

Official video:

Sige-ate-push-mo-yan Version:

  • Parokya Ni Edgar – Harana

“Puno ang langit ng bituin at kay lamig pa ng hangin…”

It is quite inevitable to make a list as such without including this OPM hit that practically encapsulates what harana is all about. This song is a testament that no matter how far the future takes courtship (if it would still exist by then), Don Romantiko will forever be in the blood of Filipino men.

Official Video:

Go-for-gold-ate-kung-marunong-lang-akong-kumanta-gagawin-ko-rin-ito-kasi-mahal-ko-sha version:

  • Hotdog – Pers Lab
  • “Tuwing kita’y nakikita, ako’y natutunaw”

    There might be nothing better than your first love, and it would be more than great to woo yours with this pleasant gem. Though this song contains a mildly disturbing confession of hasty insomnia, involuntary dieting, and a fuming acne breakout, it still captures the spirit of infatuation true love.


    Literal-lang-ang-translation-sa-video version:

    • Cinderella – TL Ako Sa’yo

    “Ewan ko ba kung bakit type kita…”

    When it hits you, it hits you hard; even if cupid wryly decides to tie you up a blindfold. Despite the bluntness in the track, nobody could really stop the beating of two hearts in love. Even if the person your heart desires is somewhat beauty-impaired.

    Original audio version:

    Lyric version:

    • The Rainmakers – Binibini

    “Paraluman, ikaw ay akin, sa bisang lakas ng purong pag-ibig”

    You have probably caught this mellow jam played in a skin care products’ advertisement or sleazily sung in a local beauty pageant, but this song is best heard from a love struck Romeo who wants nothing more but untainted romance from his own Juliet.

    The Selfie version:

    The Brownman Revival version:

    • VST & Company – Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal

    “ Pag-ibig na walang hangganan, ang aking tunay na nararamdaman”

    From a prominent disco group branded as the country’s very own “Bee Gees,” here’s a distinct jewel that also came from the glory days of what was known as the Manila Sound. This single gleefully suggests a bracefaced declaration to the entire corners of the earth that his heart beats for yours only.

    Audio version:

    Sige-kuya-ibigay-mo-pa version:

    • Apo Hiking Society – Panalangin

    “Sana nama’y makikinig ka, kapag aking sabihing minamahal kita”

    A captivating track by three OPM luminaries that genuinely expresses a hopeless romantic’s modest plea to start an eternity with you. Though performing all the musical elements here would be a great struggle, you can always make your own arrangement and capitalize on the magic that the song brings.

    Audio version:

    Weird-lip-synch version:

    Sinira-nyo-araw-ko version:

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