28 Jan Cleaning Up Miley



JUAN SAYS: After much twerking, madness and too much skin, breast, nipple and almost vaginal exposure, Miley Cyrus comes back on top of the headlines hopefully all cleaned up this time. Hit after hit, Miley Cyrus broke the world wide web not just with her hit songs (when some were actually epic flops) but on how outrageous her behavior has gone to be. Dressing provocatively is one thing, but her actions on stage, her dance moves, and all others in between have made us cringe at Hannah Montana. Some wondered what happened to Miley. Others probably know why.


As speculations of her behavior surfaced (one of which was that she was part of the Illuminati, whatever), Miley comes out today all cleaned up… again, with her old beau in tow, and her engagement ring to boot.

Move over Taylor Swift and your feminist, man-hating, I-am-not-defined-by-any-man, ideology, for Miley’s cleaning up shows that while many women are hating on men nowadays (and the shit that they bring to our lives) there will be women who would be better with a man. Miley’s change in personality was indeed a refreshing take on the ever cute Hannah Montana but it got to be too much at some point. Many of us were no longer celebrating Miley but actually pitying her for what she had become. Free the nipples? Arm pit hair? A sign of what? Ang babaeng nagwawala? While she may have said that this has nothing to do with a man, all we could think about was “who was she kidding?” A woman who is out of control is never a pretty sight.

We thank the heavens that Liam is back and Miley is cleaning up. A decent woman with substance is way better than a woman who seems to be lost in translation. Today we are rooting for Miley all the way! Now twerk it ladies. Twerk it!

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