24 Jul Bow Down to the Queen – the Nicki vs Taylor twitter war



JUAN SAYS: While everybody was busy watching the twitter war between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, then Katy Perry, we were busy too watching the other characters who could’ve been involved in this whole mess. We are guessing that they choose not too. If anything, the first person who could’ve reacted in the twitter tirades of Nicki and Taylor, is Beyonce Knowles. She is nominated in the VMAs “Video of the Year Category,” she is black American, with a booty. A far cry from Nicki’s rant that to be nominated one should be white and skinny (looking at the nominations, all fingers point to Taylor, because she is the ONLY other girl in the roster.
Beyonce didn’t say anything, much less feel anything about anyone’s accusations. From our perspective, if we follow what Nicki said on twitter, Beyonce is ENOUGH to represent the “colored” artist in the most coveted award of the VMAs. But our admiration for Beyonce goes beyond that.
To this day, Beyonce is already a Queen in our books. And we love how queens react or the lack of it. We’d like to see it as “that cold stare,” that kind of security when one reaches the top and sits on the throne while watching “minions” battle it out. Queens don’t need to prove anything, do anything else but minding their own business, because trivial matters are no longer important. No awards, no accolades can make you less of a queen.
However, when you are still in the middle of the food chain trying to make a mark for yourself, that’s where you do anything and everything to get noticed. Marketing is the key, you will always have to make yourself relevant. Be it a good or bad marketing ploy, the point here is you are talked about. With the coming of age of social media, it is easier to stay relevant. Say something obnoxious and people start pounding on your door. Reply to a tweet and play the “victim card” and you get the sympathy of the people. Play the “black card” and everybody agrees with you for fear that they may be called bigots.
But sometimes knowing that you have the power to play with the emotions of people can lead you to that route where you tear down other people just to make yourself look bigger. Tearing people down when you are on your way to the top is never a good option. It is part of the strategy if you are soooo focused on yourself and what you want to achieve. Yet in the eyes of marketing, all is fair in war. While to some, this may just serve as a marketing strategy, many times this kind of power goes inside the heads of many – celebrities, personalities and top management people alike. Probably this is due to the fact that we are giving this kind of power to children. And no matter how much we see that kids are growing up fast now-a-days, it takes a certain type of maturity to handle such power.
If we were in the shoes of Beyonce, we would have done the same thing. Stay quiet, watch from the sidelines, and maybe smile a little. The thoughts in our heads may run: “things could get worse. They could be me.”
But then again, there is Madonna. And we don’t have an answer for her latest stunts and antics.




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