25 Dec Blood is the Luster of Gold



JUAN SAYS: The signs of the times are showing when art mirrors that of life. A very timely story for many of us to watch, to understand the flipside of the mining industry. As environmentalists, we already know what mining does to mother nature, but have we ever thought about the displaced miners who are used and abused by people of gold, guns, and goons, just because?


Here is another entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival entitled “Oro.”

A community of miners will be infiltrated by an armed group masquerading as environmentalists. The story will center on the efforts of their barangay captain (Irma Adlawan) to secure a permit allowing them to keep their livelihood in mining. In the meantime, the lives of Elmer and Linda who are planning to get married (Joem Bascon and Mercedes Cabral) and their fellow miners (Sandino Martin, Sue Prado, Biboy Ramirez) will be put in danger as the armed group (Arrian Labios, Cedrick Juan) takes over the mining operations and establishes a reign of terror in this remote island that the miners have long considered their home. Which has more weight: human rights or environmental rights? The film tries to capture a topsy-turvy reality much more complex than stereotypes characterizing mining as evil and advocacies for environmental protectionism as the font of goodness.



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