08 Oct #BabawPaMost: The Attack on Kris Bernal Proves Lea Salonga Right



JUAN SAYS: Here is the thing, many were overtly critical about Lea Salonga’s comments of “kababawan,” but just very recently, the many who felt appalled by her statements were the very same people who proved her right, or at least a good number of them showed what kababawan is all about.
Kris Bernal was the subject of attacks by fans of the popular #Aldub love team when Kris posted on her instagram a picture of herself and the other half of the #Aldub, Alden Richards. She was smitten by how cute Alden was, and as many would agree, she was just being herself when she posted that. Put yourself in Kris Bernal’s shoes. You were in a train with Alden and you had the chance to take a picture with him. Wouldn’t you? Surely, you would have done the same as what she had done – post the picture and express how “kilig” you feel just by looking at him. Gwapo si Alden, kahit sinong babae at bakla kikiligin sa kagwapuhan nyo. Kris didn’t mince words when she wrote her caption, just like any other girl or gay who would post a picture of Alden with them. Pustahan, mas malala pa ang caption ninyo kapag kayo ang nagpost.
This brings us to a picture of a girl with the fan sign which said: “Alden buntisin mo ako!” We all laughed and even went as far as sharing the photo of the girl for everyone to see. Sandali lang, hindi ba mas malandi ang sinabi noong babaeng yun, kaysa sinabi ni babaeng ito, si Kris Bernal? Pero hindi natin dinumog ang babaeng nagpapabuntis kay Alden nang batikos, dahil kahit tayo nakakaramdam din ng paghanga at kakaibang pagtingin kay Alden. Oo! Marami sa atin ang borderline ilusyunada!
Sadly, if there was one thing that some Aldub fans did, it was that Lea Salonga was right after all. We called her a b*tch for going against our feelings towards Aldub, but when another celebrity feels the same way we do, malandi na. Agad agad? Hindi ba pwedeng kinikilig ding katulad ninyo?
The last posts we had were all praising the Aldub Nation, especially the time when the fans turned around a supposed twitter war into something positive. Back then we felt that this fandom is different. This fandom has matured finally, that we would all look into the positives and shun the negatives. However, as recent actions show, fans will always be fans, no matter how educated its followers are, there will still be a good number of which that would remain as fans – fanatics. Kulang na lang sambahin ninyo ang mga idol ninyo na parang Diyos. Hindi na yata tama yun.
The concept of Aldub has done many positive things to many people. It has brought back to the forefront the old values that many of us have forgotten due to the many changes in our culture. Aldub has been hailed by the Catholic Church for the good it does to its viewers. But some fans don’t just get it.
While it is true that it is actually the fans who made what Aldub is today, after all without the twitter parties that make Aldub break twitter records, there will be no Aldub to speak of. Yet, it is also the fans who will BREAK them. If you would analyze this phenomenon microscopically, many of those who watch Aldub were influenced by those who were already glued to their TV sets come lunch time. Eat Bulaga’s fansbase on facebook grew by the millions. This is a new target market who heard of Aldub from excited friends and decided to give it a shot by watching it online. Eh kinilig kami. Eh natuwa kami, kaya sinubaybayan na namin. And now this.
Indeed, it is the fans that grow the popularity of these celebrities. Hawa-hawa lang yan, parang epidemia. Pero ang problema kapag nabuhay na ang ilang fans sa ilusyong pwede nilang kontrolin ang buhay ng kanilang mga iniidolo. Ang problema kapag masyadong nagiging “exclusive” ang fandom na ito at inaatake na ang bawat taong kumontra sa kanilang mga paniniwala, at inaatake na rin ang mga taong umaayon sa kanila. Kris Bernal’s reaction to Alden is very similar to every fan who screams upon seeing Alden do a lipsynch of “God Gave Me You.” The only difference is, she too is an actress. The only problem we see that the fans are trying to point out is this: Kris Bernal is not Maine Mendoza. And they don’t want anyone else to be paired with Alden but Maine. In truth, Kris Bernal is not even saying that, nor is she implying that. Kayo na ang nagisip nun. Kayo na ang nabuhay sa ganung paniniwala. Kayo na ang naglagay ng mga salita sa bibig ni Kris Bernal. Kayo na ang gumawa ng sarili ninyong ikakagalit. Pagkatapos aawayin ninyo yung tao. Wow pare. Tama si Lea Salonga. ANG BABAW!
Fans have gone as far as accusing Kris Bernal of using the popularity of Alden for her own benefit. But you know what’s funny? Fans do not see the “others” who have gained so much just by showing up in Eat Bulaga and sitting down at the panel’s table giving their comments as the Kalye Serye commences. Lakas maka-accuse ng fans! Who stood to gain the most in their careers beyond show business? Isn’t it that a certain senator just zoomed in the surveys and grabbed the No. 1 spot? Have we forgotten that this very senator plagiarized a certain blog when he delivered a speech on the senate floor? Yan tayo eh. Yan tayo! We can’t separate the realities of real life from reel life. Or has the Aldub craze made us forgive and forget – plagiarism, pork barrel scam just to name a few.
We have seen posts of fans of how disappointed they are with Alden whenever he says something that is not according to the wishes of the fans. Yet when we view the videos of Alden, there is nothing wrong with what he is saying. In fact, he is saying a clear message to everyone: you don’t fall in love just because millions of people want you to. Get to know the person very well. Isn’t that what it is supposed to be? Hirap sa atin akala natin tayo si God. Fans play the role of God in the lives of these celebrities. Fans think they have the power to control the true emotions of their idols just because they want it to happen. But isn’t that the novelty that Aldub presents? That both Maine and Alden grow together, get to know each other “organically.” Isn’t that what makes Aldub different from any other show that we have all lambasted for being contrived?
But then again, fans think they know everything. Right?


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