11 Jul Are You Ready Manila?


JUAN SAYS: Channing Tatum has expressed interest in visiting the Philippines along with his Magic Mike XXL co-stars Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer, and we are wondering why the Department of Tourism hasn’t acted on this? In a politically beleaguered country such as ours, devastated by flash floods and continuous rain, we would need a bit of heat similar to the sweltering summer we all went through just a couple of months ago. We do know that everybody complained about it and some even went as far as getting heat strokes and all that, but when it comes to Magic Mike himself, we surely wouldn’t mind a “bag full of tricks.” We need a Channing Tatum to lift our spirits from all the devastation we have seen, politically motivated or otherwise. We are sick and tired of hearing about the Binays and their never ending quest to hold on to power and the countless times that they have gotten money from the coffers of government. We are sick of celebrities; of PBB wanna be stars that don’t behave well on national television. Seriously, we are the ones who want to misbehave quite a bit, line the streets of Manila to greet Channing oh Channing while waving our uh… ok panties up in the air!
DOT we want CHANNING TATUM! If you want us to vote for your candidate come 2016, bring him here!
In all sincerity we wouldn’t mind the “baha” that this would cause Channing dances his signature piece to the tune of Raining Men. You’d surely hear the loudest AMEN that you could ever hear in this lifetime. Channing will be a breath of fresh air, the thunder and lightning that could make our hearts clasp in excitement, he is what we need to save this forsaken country from poverty. Dahil kanin na lang ang kailangan. Siya lang, siya lang ULAM NA! Kahit NFA rice patos-patos yan! At sa mga nagda-diet ubos ang tasty at pandesal sa mga panaderia. Kahit pansit kanton na lang ang carbs na kasama ng ulam, uubusin naming yan.


Don’t you see how his visit would benefit the failing economy of this country? And if there is one thing that the government hasn’t utilized, it is the power of the pink peso. And by pink peso, we don’t just mean our sisters in the LGBT group, but this time around, more than the divide in opinions in the latest SC approved gay marriage in the US, women and women at heart will finally form that Rainbow Coalition and be united to welcome THE Channing Tatum. Seryoso, may banda pa kung gusto ninyo. Gastos naming lahat yan!

Please hear our pleas and cries Mr. DOT Secretary and bring Channing Tatum in! ‘Coz for the first time in history, it’s gonna start raining MEN… And Manila is ready! It’s raining men, Hallelujah! AMEN!

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