23 Apr Are We Abusing Our Social Media Privileges?



A new day means a new rant on social media. This time around it’s involving a rather popular “Mutya ng Masa” host who has been called out for her (and her children’s) inappropriate behavior at a recent concert.
And while I don’t discredit the story of the person who shared the video, it does make me wonder, what does the other party have to say? In the world of camera phones, videos, and relatively fast internet, it’s so easy to threaten another person that we clash with videos and stories that go viral. These days, motorists challenge each other not with their fists (although that’s still rampant) but by bringing out their cellphones and taking a video.
While there is some sense of justice in internet shaming / bullying, I also can’t help but wonder, there must be a reason why the person is lashing out.
We all have our bad days and more often than not, bad days lead to break downs because of little triggers: a rude waiter, being cut in traffic, and sometimes, even in a concert. And while I don’t condemn people who are on their high horses, maybe it’s time for us to be more forgiving. Maybe, it’s time for us to be a little kinder. Maybe the obnoxious person is just really having a bad day, maybe they’re really obnoxious 24/7 but the truth is that we will never know for sure. All I know is that happy people don’t treat people like crap and if they do, there’s often a reason behind it. We can’t fight fire with fire. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that only light extinguishes darkness, and while this may be a deep parallel, it’s true.
People are angry for a reason. Believe me, no one walks around angry without a history of hurt, betrayal, and rejection. And they don’t need any more of that. So if you feel insulted by someone having a bad day, learn to let it go. Besides, people who walk around like this aren’t at peace with themselves so why get drunk on their poison?
Of course, this doesn’t mean you give up your rights, but if it’s a little affliction that didn’t cause bodily harm, let it go.
Don’t let evil get the best of you, hold on to your peace, and remain constant to who you are and maybe just maybe this will change the world more than your negative viral videos ever would.


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