10 Aug Are they coming back to SPICE up your life?



JUAN SAYS: Before there was Taylor Swift, Nikki Minaj and this whole bunch of girl singers who are quite vocal with women causes they espouse (to a certain extent), there were the Spice Girls’ “Girl Power.” It wasn’t exactly a revolution or did they propagate the age-old feminism ideology, but it was simply an all girl band with five different personalities who took the stage by storm. What we used to love about the spice girls was the diversity they created when they were onstage. There was no exactly one look for all of them, nor neither were all of them embodying the same sexy kitten appeal that most women in the 30s were so accustomed to when we were younger. It was the introduction of diversity, that you can be female, feminine and sexy in whatever form you maybe – sporty, posh, scary, ginger, and yeah even the “pabebes” of our generation were represented by that spice called “baby.”
Many years hence, there have been rumors that the girls will be reuniting for their 20th anniversary with an epic international tour! However, it was also said that one of the girls would be missing out on this celebration due to her many commitments as a retailer, a mother and wife to yep, the David Beckham. (Read full story here.)
Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) has downplayed the rumors and said: “If anything happens and it’s concrete, and we decide on something, I will let you know, but nothing’s happening at the moment.”
Mel C (Sporty Spice) though didn’t confirm or deny anything with her tweet: “Woke up this morning wondering whether I need to start practicing my backflips???!!!
We are hoping that this rumor is true, and we are also hoping that Posh reconsiders her decision of not joining the reunion this time around. We can’t wait to see the girls back onstage singing and dancing our favorite tunes. The 30-something moms and titas-in-training can’t wait to show the kids what REAL Girl Power is all about, sans the ideology. Who needs one when you know who you are, what you are and you are comfortable just being yourself.



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