15 Jun Another stupid test to make you feel bad about your body.



JUAN SAYS: When we were younger, we made better use of our time by doing several things: studying, talking on our landlines, bowling in Greenhills, ice skating in Megamall, writing love letters and occasionally stalking Patrick Garcia. These were things that took up our time and we didn’t spend every waking moment taking photos of ourselves. But times have changed and while we have filled our lives with more technology- updated activities, we still can’t believe the things teens think of these days. One preposterous thing they have come up with is the belly button test, as if we need another reason to mock ourselves and make ourselves feel bad. And as if teenagers need this time to find stuff they dislike. Sana naman eh sa mabuti ninyo gamitin ang utak because really there are more important things in life.
Sisa Says: Yeah, I can’t reach my belly button with my other hand because I am fat! But hey, can you do this? Thought so.
This is the problem with kids today, they are too conscious with how they look (stick thin arms, super narrow waist), that they forget that being thin is not the ‘end all’ and ‘be all’ of everything. In many ways, brains matter. Health matters. No sorry, big boobs and bums don’t really matter. Your grammar does. Seriously.


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