03 Aug And They’re Back!



JUAN SAYS: Admit it, you can no longer play your One More Chance VCD due to the fact that it already looks like a cat just played with it due to the many scratches it has accumulated through the years. You wanted to play it so badly for those times when you were heart broken. And yes, you are a guy! You so want to repeat all of Eli’s lines straight to the face of your girlfriend or former girlfriend at that. You saw our title and you exclaimed: “Shit! That’s the one!” – Tang I** naman (insert name of the girl), ganyan ka na ba katigas? And no matter how lame you think this is, we really think it is endearing. Guys who know how to show their vulnerability knocks of our hearts with a straight jab!
Good news gents (and ladies too), your favorite go-too-movie-when-heartbroken is already available in DVD. Send out your yaya to get a copy for you, but honestly, we wouldn’t really mind seeing you in the video store getting your own copy. We might just stand next to you and say: “hey, you wanna watch it together? Your place or mine?”
Incidentally, the stars of One More Chance will be seen together in the big screen very soon in a movie by Cathy Garcia-Molina. Can’t wait to have your hearts crushed ONE MORE TIME can you?



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