27 Feb Aling Tingting vs Aling Krising. Pahingi ng Popcorn!



JUAN SAYS: Trust Kris Aquino to deliver no less than from what we expect of her. In her first bout with aunt and former Tarlac Governor Tingting Cojuangco, Kris has managed to squeeze in her litany of errr… achievements (for the lack of term) to further stress her reaction to Aling Tingting’s statement that she will leave the country if Kris Aquino runs for public office in 2016.


“Politics is not happening this 2016. For now, I am blessed to be an entertainer (host and occasional actress), an endorser, a producer, a website owner, a restaurant franchise owner, an investor, and a mother,” Kris wrote.

Ano ka pa teh? Ano pa dali! Haba ng listahan. Haba ng hair. Pero may kulang. WIFE. Lamang si Aling Tingting dun.
Have we not heard that statement when the President ran in 2010? Somebody also proclaimed that she will do the biggest sacrifice (and FAVOR) to this country by leaving should PNoy win.

“On a last note, I promised Noy that if he does WIN, and I’m a cause of stress for him & his presidency, I’ll gladly take my 2 boys to live any­where there is TFC so that I can continue to work but w/ our overseas Filipino brothers & sisters. Of course, Noy said—dinner daw ’yun, hindi teleserye ko.”

PNoy won all right. Somebody was creating stress, not just on her brother but to the whole country. But nobody left. WTF.
While Kris stresses that fact that she has NO INTENTIONS of running for public office, she is still keeping her doors open. In fact she has a campaign platform in mind. Ikaw na ang parang girl scout. Ayaw mo pero handa ka!
Should Kris run for public office, we’d vote for her as a senator. That way, Sen. Miriam would have the chance to call her fungus-face when they go head to head on the senate floor. That will be the day! But for now let’s entertain ourselves with the battle of surgical enhancements (not that we are saying this is wrong, surgeries we mean). Kinda reminds us of the Marlene Aguila – Mystica girian sa internet. Hey, whatever happened to that?


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