05 Sep #AldubBATTLEforACause: Umiyak kami. Solid Yon!



JUAN SAYS: At exactly 11:30am people from all walks of life were already glued on their television sets, awaiting the day of all days when Yaya Dub and Alden would be both in Broadway Centrum. As we traversed the traffic in Sucat Road to be with our friends to watch today’s episode (yep it was a party alright!), we were thinking of one thing and one thing only: “ito na ba ang tamang panahon na magkikita sila?” Theories upon theories of how they would meet were written in facebook fan pages, andyan yung nakablindfold sila, yayakapin ni Alden si Yaya Dub dahil si Yaya ang mananalo sa Bulaga Pa More Wildcard. Andyan yung hindi talaga sila magkikita dahil haharangin ng mga Rogelio. Ang dami nating alam.
 As we opened the door to the place where we were to watch Eat Bulaga today, the very same question greeted us: “sa tingin mo, magkikita na kaya sila?”
 The question was not just about today, it has been long standing for many weeks already. How much longer do we have to wait for them to finally see each other? Will the fans wait that long? In this world where everything is automatic, in a life of “push buttons,” would the fans have the patience to wait?
Let’s admit it, we really didn’t care who had the better presentation. Sure our hearts were tugged with Lola Nidora’s final condition that none of Yaya Dub nor Alden would get the prize for themselves, and instead donate it to one of Eat Bulaga’s patron’s of the JUAN for All, All for JUAN segment. It was a good gesture in our books. Eat Bulaga is teaching the millions of followers of the #Aldub sensation more than just #KiligPaMore but the essence of giving. This gesture reminds us that there is life beyond us, beyond our own transgressions. There are others who need our help. It may not exactly come out of the pockets of Yaya Dub or Alden Richards, but truly, yung isang bagay na pinaghirapan nila at kung tutuusin nga ay napanalunan nila, ibibigay nila sa mas nangangailangan. Yan naman talaga ang dapat ngayong maintindihan ng marami. Not everything is about you. You don’t need to have a lot to give, but you can creatively share by giving what you have – time, talent, energy. And that would be more than enough to many people who need it more than you do. For that, Eat Bulaga was commended by the CBCP in their tweets. Yes the Catholic Church was hashtagging #AldubBATTLEforACause.
The performances did so-so to us because as we all know, we have seen better performances from other hosts of the show. But to many of us that was not important. What was important was how the story would unfold come today, it is still after all a Kalye Serye isn’t it?
Towards the end of Yaya’s performance, we eventually felt her when her “Fatalbugan” group started singing “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” while she was beating the drums. We wished that it was her who was singing it live or taped, for much added feels. We started to get teary eyed at this point, because once upon a time, we did the most stupid thing for a boy. Sing in front of many, this very song, and we are very sure that we were not the only ones who felt it too.
As both performances ended, all the fans held their breath if Yaya Dub and Alden would finally see each other. After all, when winners are declared in Bulaga Pa More, all contestants were supposed to be on stage, together. But that didn’t happen. Yaya and Alden searched for each other, one going to the back stage while the other was on stage. Until finally, both took the chance to walk towards each other. To the scream of the fans (and our clothes nearly getting torn to pieces while pillows upon pillows were hitting us on the head), Yaya Dub and Alden saw each other. Yaya Dub was all smiles and our hearts reached out to her. Alden was in full awe. Jusko, kelan ba natin huling naramdaman yun?
 People too have been speculating that everything is just for show, that everything is scripted. We would like to believe otherwise. To keep the integrity and the rawness of emotions and feelings, we would like to say that Eat Bulaga is keeping Alden and Maine apart, not allowed to communicate unless it is under the watchful eyes of the management of Eat Bulaga. We saw the joy in the eyes of Alden and Maine as they faced each other. The “kilig” in Maine’s face isn’t exactly fake, after all, as her bashers have said: she is NOT an actress. Oo nga hindi siya marunong umarte kaya nga totoong emosyon ang nakikita natin sa kanya. Dahil lahat tayo sawang sawa na sa mga pa-cute at umaarte lang na feelings.



We were already in tears (and not exactly from the pain of the pillows that hit us), but on the excitement, the sigh of relief, the happiness we felt. Isn’t that what this kalye serye was about? We found our selves screaming: “bilisan ninyo peste!” as Alden and Yaya Dub were slowly walking towards each other. “Asan si Nidora, Dalian ninyo!” Then BAM! A thick wall blocked both of their way like the horrendous bus drivers along EDSA.


As the camera focused on Lola Nidora, we didn’t feel any hatred towards what she did. What she was saying was right. They both made a promise to Nidora, nagpinky-swear pa nga diba? After all, a promise is a promise. How many of us who watched today’s episode was hit by what Nidora said? Plenty we are guessing. Kids and adults alike are no longer the children of the old generation where honesty and integrity were each one’s core values. Ilang beses ka bang umoo sa magulang mo at binali mo rin dahil sinunod mo ang puso mo? Ilang beses ka bang nangako kay God at sinabi mong hindi ka na uulit, pero inulit-ulit mo pa rin ang paborito mong kasalanan dahil wala lang, masaya lang talagang sirain ang mga pangako? We wanted to get mad, but we understood fully well the lesson that Nidora wanted to convey. And we are hoping that we all take it to heart.


Papano pa ako magtitiwala sa iyo kung sa simpleng pangako hindi mo pa matupad… Mahalaga ang pagtitiwala, hindi nababayaran ng salapi … — Lola Nidora


With tears in our eyes, we watched Nidora give her life lesson of the day, scolding both Yaya and Alden. But what kept us crying more was the fact that even Wally who was playing Nidora was already crying as he did his monologue. “Actingan lang ‘to uy. Wag kang nageemote diyan.” But whatever Wally was saying was hitting him too, thus the tears. Alden cried and so did Yaya Dub. Alden more than Yaya Dub. Acting or not, anak ng pucha dalang-dala tayong lahat!

Diba nakakadala. Diba alam na alam mo yung emosyon ng pagkatapos ng lahat nakita mo na ang taong matagal mo ng hinahanap? Ang taong matagal mo ng gustong makita at mayakap? Diba minsan mo na rin yang naramdaman sa buhay mo? Naiyak ka. Naiyak kami, kasi kahit papaano, kahit sa telebisyon man lamang, naiisabuhay ng mga karakter ang ating mga nararamdaman sa pang-araw araw na pagiisip tungko sa buhay pagibig. Nang biglang bumagsak ang pader at pinalo ng paulit ulit ni Alden ang pader, parang kasabay noo’y naglaho din ang pakiramdam mo ng pag-asa at naramdaman ang frustration. Ilang beses na nga ba tayong naging frustrated sa pag-ibig? Ilang beses na nga ba na ang minsang inakala nating tunay na pagibig ay hinarangan ng iba ng pader, ng sibat, ng pesteng distansya. Ang pader na bumagsak ay hindi lamang isang pader para sa ating mga manonood, ngunit ito’y simbolismo ng mga bagay na nakapaglalayo sa dalawang taong masayang nagiibigan.
 Siguro’y kung sa tunay na buhay nangyari iyon ay inakyat mo na ang pader o kumuha ka na ng maso para matibag ito. Pero hindi eh. Dahil may mga bagay na totoo nga namang nagaganap lamang “sa tamang panahon.” Simula sa Lunes, wala ng bibili ng plywood!


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