04 Oct Aldub Phenomenon – Who Gets the Cash?



JUAN SAYS: We are not Aldub haters, in fact we have made a couple of articles which praised the Aldub phenomenon and how it has affected the lives of the people in a positive manner. But this question has been in our minds the day that the netizens grew to love this tandem so much. Our facebook feed were filled with Aldub, heck even our posts on more important issues that every citizens of this country must understand have been ignored as many have been busy attending the twitter party of this new found love team. With a vast internet following, and ratings of the TV show skyrocketing, we too are asking the same question. Who makes the most out of this phenomenon? Surely the two central characters and the three lolas have been offered many TV endorsements and commercials, and we would love for them to be raking in the bucks just because they were the ones responsible for making this experimental concept work. But is it really them who makes the most out of this? Let’s follow the money.
By Bernard Ong
The Business of Buzz: Who makes the most out of AlDub?
Not Alden. His contract was signed before the buzz. He does benefit from new commercials – reportedly 15 lined up for him.
Not Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub. She is on a rookie contract, reportedly inclusive of ads. She gets paid peanuts until her contract expires, which will be after the buzz is over.
Not the Lolas/Donas who are neither Lolas nor Donas. Not even Tito, Vic & Joey. They are all paid talents.
Not advertisers like McDo or TnT. They get a boost, but also pay a lot for endorsements and advertising airtime.
By the way I don’t buy the “McDo enjoys 470% increase in sales after AlDub ad claim. McDo is 2nd biggest fastfood player, +470% increase means they grew the market itself. Love teams grow market share, but not markets. Most likely, what grew was just an advertised item Chicken Fillet ala King (it is out of stock by the way). I didn’t even know that brand existed. It has a lot of room for growth from relative obscurity.
Not GMA7 which hosts Eat Bulaga. The show is “block-timed” with Kapuso which means someone rents GMA7 airtime for a fixed fee.
So who then is making the killing?
Ex-con(gressman) and ex-con(victed child rapist) Romeo Jalosjos.
He chairs blocktimer TAPE Inc. which owns Eat Bulaga. His double-life sentences were commuted by Gloria Arroyo after 10 years in prison – officially for “good behavior,” allegedly for “electoral services.” After GMA, he shifted his support to VP Binay. With Binay’s dip in ratings, he attached himself to Poe. A political butterfly if there was one. However the Supreme Court barred Jalosjos from public office.
So while Joey de Leon was at war with Lea Salonga over Kababawan. Jalosjos was at peace with his Kayamanan. Let’s not get too attached. It’s just business at the end of the day.
A comment from ‪Jody B. Navarra: Tony Tuviera owns majority shares of TAPE with some stocks held by talent mainstays Tito, Vic and Joey. Just the same, Jalosjos still earns a lot from Eat Bulaga which gets the income from AlDub. Not as much as Tuviera does, and far from what the main talents take from the show, plus shares of corporate profits.
The No. 1 beneficiary from AlDub’s phenomenal success is Tito Sen, boosted up to 67% in survey ratings and enjoying free TV exposure that would easily have cost more than Grace Poe’s heavily-placed baptismal font commercials.


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