21 Sep Aldub Nation takes over #AsalKalye trending tweet



What was meant for harm was turned into something good
Isn’t that a verse in the bible?

JUAN SAYS: What was meant to be a hashtag for the rival show “It’s Showtime,” and moreover to bash the #Aldub love team composed of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza turned to be a revelation of who the Aldub fans are. The hashtag started with this tweet from @ItzShowtimena
Aldub fans started to pick it up, but instead of fighting with the said fan of the rival show, fans turned something that was meant for their harm into something good. We read the tweets and we were amazed at the revelations of the different fans who are already part of the Aldub Nation. Professionals, top executives, pastors, and the working class, one by one stated who they are and what they do for a living, going as far as declaring that they are indeed FANS of the Aldub sensation. (To see more search #AsalKalye on Twitter)
This reality was amazing. Three weeks ago we were thinking that Aldub fans who are in the upper bracket of the society wouldn’t dare come out and say thay indeed watch the trending Kalye Serye out of fear of being judged as “bakya.” But revelation Sunday has proven us otherwise.


Today we realized that there are two sides of the fandom. There are those whom we call “professional fans,” those whom we hate because a little comment about their idols would send them into freakzone. And there are those who are dignified. Those who aren’t afraid to come out and say, yes we are bakya. We are #AsalKalye, and so what?! We have college degrees and Ph. D.s and we are comfortable enough to declare that we are fans! That, our dear friends is being true to oneself.

We would like to believe that the Aldub phenomenon has become more than just a fan sensation. It is in fact the equalizing factor of that invisible gap between the rich and the poor, the educated and the so-called mang-mang. Aldub is egalitarian. Walang pinili. Pag tinamaan ng Aldub fever, tinamaan ka!

The tweets also reflected everything that one would learn from the streets, giving people the realization that we don’t become who we are by just going to school alone. There is indeed another school – the one that our parents have once upon a time dreaded to put us in; but the one that taught the most about life – the streets. We have to agree with the tweets at this point, without being exposed to the different factors of the reality of life, without experiencing the “dog eat dog world,” anyone wouldn’t be who they are today. And if that makes all of us #AsalKalye, then we are proud of it!
What is baffling to us is this. Though Eat Bulaga is a long time noon time show that has evaded the homes of a good number of Filipinos come lunch time, many have already given up on the format of both shows aired on either channels. And we in JUAN are one of them. We found the humor too slapstick or too degrading for the average Filipino. There were times when we stood up for those that some of the hosts ridiculed in front of millions of televiewers. But today, we are the very same people who developed the “addiction” to watching the Kalye Serye with no production value, no artistic value so too speak. We don’t know what hit us, what got us hooked. Maybe it was “kilig” factor that most of lack in our lives. Maybe it was the values that are being taught on a noontime show that we have long criticized in the past.

While we commend the writers of Eat Bulaga for injecting good morals in the said segment, we couldn’t help but question ourselves, isn’t it that these values were supposed to be taught by our parents to us? Isn’t it that morals are supposed to be ingrained at home, practiced at home? Bakit hinayaan natin ang isang noontime show pa ang magturo sa ating lahat ng kabutihang asal? Has noontime TV become the new parents? This we don’t get.

Yet we are still thankful and hopeful, that the audience would go beyond the kilig factor, that they would “practice what they preach,” or else it will just be another lip service. We are hoping that this would start revolutionizing the way that telenovelas, movies, shows are presented to us. May this be a starting point of a revolution amongst us Pinoys. Hindi lang siguro kami ang pagod na sa panglalait, at plot na saksakan ng kalokohan na kailangang magkaroon ng amnesia ng mga karakter, o kailangang ang plot ay tungkol sa mga kabit, para tangkilikin ng tao.

Let this also serve as a wake up call to all of us, parents and would be parents. Hindi sa TV dapat napupulot ang kabutihang asal. Ang paggalang sa magulang, ang paggalang sa babae, ang tunay na pagmamahal ay pinaghihirapan at lahat ng aral na nakuha natin sa kwento ng aral ay dapat tayo mismo ang nagtuturo sa kabataan. And it is safe to say, that what happened today on twitter is one step towards that direction. Good job Aldub Nation!

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