26 Sep A Date Night With Tasha Lu



JUAN SAYS: Bartending is an art in itself. Liken it to a dance where the choreographer sets the movements in motion. Much like bartending, when the mixologist plays with different ingredients and spirits to come up with the drink that best serves your palate. The bar is her stage, and expect her to play her part well.


Makati Shangri-La, the city’s premiere luxury hotel, brings another winning combination of great concoctions and jazz music in “A Date Night With Tasha Lu,” hosted by SAGE Bar on September 28.

Known as the trendsetter in partnering with the best liquor brands in the world, SAGE Bar brings Hendrick’s Brand Ambassador for Southeast Asia Tasha Lu and her signature cocktails, paired with Funky Jazz music through the night.

Get the chance to meet and greet Tasha Lu and enjoy her latest Hendricks potions.

Tasha has been working in the hospitality industry for eight years. She spent the last four years managing and operating bars such as Eau de Vie Melbourne. Through the years, Tasha has developed a huge passion for the industry, bars, cocktails and gin. She became Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador in October, 2015.

“I absolutely love the social aspect of this industry and seeing people have a good time is worth all the hard work and stress you go through as a Bar Manager. As a purveyor of good times for Hendrick’s Gin I find curious the odd and strangely wonderful things of the world and I consider things that people find morbid interesting. I think this makes me the perfect embodiment of Hendrick’s. My creative and inquisitive disposition makes me a natural at spreading the unusual and peculiar story of Hendrick’s Gin to all, far and wide,” she says.

Growing up, being a bartender was far from Tasha’s mind. She was brought up with a very strong sense of conformity and normalcy. She was expected to finish high school, attend the university and get a ‘real job.’ But bartending gave her a sense of freedom and purpose.

“Bartending gave me the freedom to be myself, to be able to earn a living and to have fun; I felt like it gave me purpose. Purpose gives you significance and relevance and when its authentic, it is like spreading wildfire and nothing can stop it! I’m very lucky to be part of the round table at Hendrick’s,” she adds.

On event night, cocktail enthusiasts can get upclose and personal with Tashu Lu and indulge in Tasha’s signature mixes or their favorite Hendricks cocktails. Guests can also avail of special prices on Hendrick’s drinks and bottles. A live jazz band playing funky beats provide the entertainment at starting at 9 p.m.

As an international trendsetter when it comes to cocktails and jazz, SAGE Bar adds excitement and a touch of class to the Manila bar scene by filling 2016 with more global brands in the coming months, as well as an impressive lineup of jazz performers all year round.


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