15 Oct 5 Reasons Why We Love #OTWOL



By Carla Bianca V. Ravanes
I gave up on watching teleseryes a few years ago. Since then I have filled my nights with US TV shows among other activities but one show has pulled me back in again and it is none other than On The Wings of Love featuring Clark and Leah. I have long been a fan of the beautiful Nadine Lustre but this “teleserye” is close to my heart because it was what my grandmother and I bonded over when I visited her during the summer.
Coming home, the show became some sort of an addiction with my friends even forming a Viber group together so we can share our commentaries every night. Bonding over Clark’s abs has been a nightly ritual and it has been fun. We’re not quite sure what makes it extremely addicting but we can give it a try as why.
1) Kilig Always Wins.
 There are people who sorely lack a certain kilig in their lives which is why at the end of the day, right before bed, it’s nice to switch on the TV, be kilig while falling in love with Leah and Clark while also getting mad at Tita Jack for ever being so pakelamera. It has been said that kilig is a word only found in the Philippines and for good measure.
 2) They’re Relatable.
 There has been a million and one teleseryes in the Philippines but somehow ibang ang dating ni Clark and Leah. Maybe it’s because we personally know people who went through the same process in the hopes of finding better grass in another land or we too have been victimized by overly concerned family members who try to tell us who to fall in love with. For whatever reason, these two characters, along with their quirky family members are instantly relatable in a way that is irresistible.
 3) Family Over Everything.
 While some of us might shake our heads when it comes to the way family seems to be getting in the way of the perfect love story between Leah and Clark. However, at the end of the day, no matter how much we dislike them, we can’t help but love them.
 4) Clark is Cute.
 No further explanation needed.
 5) Because Who Wouldn’t Want Love?
 Because at the end of the day, love wins.




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