20 Aug 4 Lessons We Learned from #AlDub



JUAN SAYS: We know! We are too late jumping on the #Aldub bandwagon, and it is our fault. We have been quite negative about the “pakulo” or those marketing stunts that will never work of these giant networks that we have been skeptical about religiously watching the “antics” of Alden and Yaya Dub. Sure we have been seeing many of our friends go crazy over the “couple” who haven’t seen each other personally, but we tried not to be affected by it because our heads tell us “anong gimik na naman yan?”


But gimmick or not, the #AlDub craze has taken this country by storm, thus we were forced to click on the link that our friends have tagged us, trying to get us to watch it and feel something for a change.

We chanced upon the article 7 REASONS WHY PINOYS ARE GOING GAGA OVER ALDUB from definitelyfilipino.com, which helped open our eyes (and yeah, our stoic hearts), to why this Kalyeserye has got many Pinoys glued on television come lunch time. And it isn’t Anne Curtis bad singing this time thank God!

LESSON NO. 1: The #Aldub sensation is spontaneous and natural, nothing contrived. Their story has grown organically. There is a form of sincerity between the exchanges of Alden and Yaya Dub that sends us back to “how it felt the first time.” Ahhh, to be young and in love is just the thing that could make our day! People can see the rawness in the exchanges, as if these two people have fallen in love for the first time, as if these two people haven’t seen the realities of a relationship and have not been covered by bitterness of past experiences. Virgin na virgin pa kung titingnan mo. Many of us have been jaded by the hurt we have been through and we are having a hard time looking at the freshness and sincerity of a new love that is professing in our lives. But through the exchanges of Alden and Yaya Dub, we find hope. We find the assurance that it is okay, thereby we lose all precognitions of what we have been conditioned to be: bitter, sour and walled on love. We begin to realize that our age old mantra of: “I am too old for this shit,” or “fairytales are full of shit” are just our excuses. The mantas that we have been living by are not doing us any good. Alden and Yaya Dub show us that we have to have the courage to feel love for the first time. They show us that we have to be kind to ourselves, to allow ourselves to feel the love, the magic, the spark, the chemistry that is undeniably there. We can’t always be flooded with questions like: may mangyayari ba? May magandang katatapusan ba ito? Like the #Aldub we have to be open to all possibilities, that maybe, just maybe, fairytales do come true.

We have to learn how to filter out the negativity. While it is true that reality is better than illusion, we must also give a chance for some dreams to come true. Eh kung sa umpisa pa lang, nega ka na, eh nega na nga yan all the way. While some of our friends may have the best intentions for most of us, bringing us down to the ground when they feel that we are floating up in the air in the context of love and our feelings, please do not let this dampen your happy thoughts. You are lighter when you are happy. You are lovelier when you are happy. Then that is your reality – you are happy. And don’t let any well-meaning friend tell you otherwise. Again, be kind to yourself. Be good to yourself. Let yourself float in happiness. Kung kinikilig ka, hayaan mong kiligin ka! Eh ano naman ngayon? Masaya ka eh, at sino bang nagsabing masamang maging masaya?


LESSON NO. 2: Yaya Dub is not your typical comedienne. You don’t need to look a certain way to be funny. Truth be told, we find Maine to be really pretty. She is pretty and educated, yet she is comfortable making herself look stupid. She is confident in a way, confident that she shows one characteristic that we hope we have: She doesn’t care. She can distort her face all she wants, she can act silly all she wants and she won’t be judged by this. And even if she was, we are pretty sure that she couldn’t care less. This to our belief is what makes Maine fresh in the eyes of the viewers. While many of those who watch her on TV have also shared the videos of those Pabebe Girls, many are like us, sick and tired of girls who try to be cutes-y patootsy, or those who have been overtly dramatic kontrabidas that are borderline “tatadyakin na ang mukha.” Taragis teh, kung pamangkin naming sila baka nakatikim na ito ng sinturon seryoso!

To us, Maine is one real girl, one real person who embodies a sense of security on who she is without forcing it to our faces. Maine is brave. Maine is in many ways a girl that we wish our daughters would try to be, instead of those annoying attention whores that we have been criticizing in this website for some time now. Yep that includes you Kris Aquino, Mich Liggayu and those ugh… pabebe girls! Isama mo na si Ellen Adarna. Bigyan nga ng IQ ang isang yan!

LESSON NO. 3: It is okay to let your guard down. Like what we all have seen in the #AlDub Kalye series, both Yaya Dub and Alden are transparent. The moment Yaya Dub was caught blushing and getting conscious of Alden was the moment she put her guard down. Sometimes it is better to just let it all out in the open, lalo na pag huli ka na. We all appreciate this form of honesty – raw honesty that we rarely see in our lives, much less on television nowadays. We can’t fake the smiles on the faces, the glow in their eyes, nor the chills that they feel that emanate from the TV screens right to our hearts. We long for this honesty because we are tired of the games that are being played on us. And we certainly wish we can be like Yaya Dub, we can be as young and “untouched” as Yaya Dub as to exude this transparency. We too would like to show it, say it, without thinking about anything first. We all miss those times when we are all heart – dagasa kung dagasa. So we live this life in the eyes of Yaya Dub and Alden, and we can’t feel any better. Ahhh, young love… where did our youth go?

LESSON NO. 4: If there is one lesson that ABS-CBN can learn from GMA-7, that is concepts need not be scripted. Fresh concepts just spur out of the blue. You don’t always need to ride the tide and give what you think people want. A good marketing practitioner must be able to get the pulse of the people, and admit to themselves, not because people are sharing the “pabebes” of this country does it mean that it is good content. Iritang-irita kaya tayong lahat sa mga batang yun! Many times brilliant ideas are not made, they are born, out of people’s natural tendencies to be attracted to each other. Nothing beats sincerity in concepts, nothing beats freshness in ideas. Sometimes creative people and marketing people just need to step back, not think, and let be. Because the good will always be accepted by the viewing public. Because people chew what they want to chew. People will embrace what they want to embrace. We have to remember that we can’t shove it in down people’s throats every single time.

Good job EAT BULAGA! Good job GMA-7! We salute you! To #Aldub sana magkatuluyan kayo. And with that we are HOOKED!

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