02 Jul 20-somethings and what we can learn from them



JUAN SAYS: Sometimes we have to hear those who are 10 years younger than us. Not because they are young does it mean that they don’t know anything. There is a good number of them who have gray matter in between their ears and we couldn’t be anymore prouder. A recent viral post of twenty five year old Aly went viral last week and for good reason, it reminded us of the important things in life before hitting 25. Some of us would surely wish we knew this back then instead of learning it the hard way. Oh well… (To read full story, click here.)
LESSON 1: “You learned that your mother really is the superwoman in your life without the red and yellow costume you’ve drawn and imagined her to be when you submitted your second grade homework. You learned that your sibling is the greatest ally you can have, no matter your differences. You learned of the grave difficulty your parent/s has/have gone through just so you can have a comfortable life after receiving your paychecks that were earned through a month’s worth of petty issues at work, fatigue, emotional distress, questioning of self-worth and so much more but you still have to show up because yeah, this is life. You respect your parents more because of that. You learned that at the end of the day, the sweetest idea will always be that you will always have somewhere to go and your most favorite people in the world are there waiting for you.”
JUAN SAYS: For many 30-somethings and 40-somethings, our parents or at least one of them as passed on already. From the time we were 25, we have been spreading our wings and flying to our hearts content and sometimes ignoring our number 1 fans until they succumb to illness or worse, they die an instantaneous death. For many of us spending time with them is amongst the most precious moments we will cherish in our hearts. We have already let go and understood past hurts from our parents, because for many, we are now parents too. We may not have parents to run to at this age, but we are confident (pretty much) that whatever it is that our parents taught us when we were 25 or even younger, we can live by it and stand by it, no matter is we are alone.
LESSON 2: “God is amazing. You learned that He has been guiding you all along and that your wishes and dreams have all been in a way or another, granted – in the way you wanted it to be and sometimes, in a way better than you have imagined. You learned to surrender everything to Him – your disappointments, sorrows, regrets, guilt, dreams and successes. You learned that with Him in your heart, everything will be okay.”
JUAN SAYS: 30 to 40-somethings experience what we call our barf moments. You know, when your exes photos show up on your facebook feeds and you try your darndest best to suppress the acid that rises up your throat and ready to fire. We become happy about those “pango-ngontra” moments of our moms, and we look at the balding, dadbod exes that we once swore we’d love for the rest of our lives. We scream in jubilation “thank you LORD for that wonderful SAVE!” as if God has just prevented a possible home run. We know we are done scouting, being open to all possibilities, because finally we know our worth. We know what we bring to the table, and should that “someone” be so ill-fitting with what we want, we know that we are not afraid to eat alone.
LESSON 3: LVs and Louboutins are not investments. You learned that it’s so much worth your sweat and tears to put your money into real investments like building your dream house, purchasing your dream car, having an insurance or saving it all up in the bank. You learned that you’d rather have a more worthwhile ‘show’ of something you can brand your life achievement than flaunt something you can wear for a few years and in very infrequent instances.
JUAN SAYS: this is what they call ‘em now? Investments? Oh, we don’t know. We bought shoes whenever we had a heartbreak back then.


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