03 Mar REALLY? This is a national issue, REALLY?



JUAN SAYS: If we were to read Republic Act 8491 Section 34e. “To wear the flag in whole or in part as a costume or uniform…” by this definition alone, Madonna, the Queen of Pop should be stripped of her crown and jailed in BJMP Muntinlupa and made to live in luxury there with overflowing drugs and singing her own songs in the most sosyal videoke in the country for the rest of her life, if Herminio Coloma Jr. and Archbishop Ramon Arguelles would have their way.


While we too believe that laws, no matter how big or small, should be upheld, there is really no need for a very dramatic uproar with Madonna wearing the Philippine flag on stage. It was as if they wanted to exorcise Madonna of her “sapi” and condemned her for parading onstage draped with the Philippine flag. Ganun talaga kalala ang kasalanan at banned again sa Pinas?

Public uproar such as this deserve one comment and one comment only: OA! We have been watching too much drama on television that a mere sight of the flag on the back of a music icon has tantamount to much condemnation. Nakaka-umay lang talaga. While the country has bigger problems to face – China invading our islands, the rise of HIV cases in the country, the upcoming elections where we might just make a mistake of electing a crook for a president, and yeah, Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao are on the forefront of the Senatorial race. Aren’t those issues more alarming and deserve more of our patriotic efforts than well THIS?!

We have become a nation with over nationalistic tendencies that a slight of hand would send us all up in arms against anyone who says or does a misdemeanor in or to our country. Parang lagi na lang big deal ang mga bagay na sa totoo lang, wala naman talagang kwenta! Truth be told, Madonna greeted those who watched the concert on the 30th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. And it was, as those who witnessed it said, a very touching moment.

Please do not get us wrong, we are NOT anti-patriotic. We are just against shallowness. Shallow issues can be brushed aside and exhaust our efforts to the more pressing problems that this country needs to face. Yun na lang pagtuonan natin ng pansin at hindi yung normal naman talagang ginagawa ni Madonna sa mga concert niya. Nakakasawa na. Ang babaw. Para na tayong mga latang walang laman, kapag hinahagis – MAINGAY! Wala! Wala na tayong pinag-iba sa “pambansang annoyance.” Kris Aquino, masdan ang ginawa mo!

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