31 Dec 2016


TITLE 2016

JUAN SAYS: We usher in the 2016 with fireworks with the hopes that the new year brings us the same illumination as what we see in the skies tonight. We wanna bid goodbye to 2015 with a bang! And if you are reading this, no matter how horrible the year was, no matter how crazy your life has been in the last year, remember that you made it to another year.


Let us say thank you to 2015, the year of “love,” the year of firsts, the year of shocks of all shocks with this performance by Aretha Franklin which drove even the US President to tears. Yeah, 2015 you made us feel like a natural woman, even though a transgender who is 6 months into womanhood won the goddam award. We don’t need that, not even the women of JUAN. We need no awards to say who we are and what we are.

Another year has gone, and we’ve gotten through all the obstacles, though full of scars and bruises, we are still thankful like all the women we have known all our lives. Women who can take a lot of life’s beating, still standing to their last breath. Everybody is like a woman. Everybody is like a man. Let’s end the gender attributions and be accepting of the fact that we are all universal. We have what it takes to make it through another year!


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