22 May Young transsexuals in bikinis? There is something seriously wrong with this



JUAN SAYS: We don’t know with you our dear readers but we found something wrong with this video. We were quite stirred and felt uncomfortable just watching it. If you’ve been keeping tabs of JUAN, you will know we have nothing against gays and transsexuals, in fact, if we encourage them to be themselves and embrace who they are. But this video has gotten us thinking, while we adults are accepting and non-judgmental of transsexuals, have we gone too far as to drive little boys who may have “sexuality issues” to go overboard?
There is something wrong with this… i don’t personally agree on kids joining beauty pageants or kids looking like adults, going pa-sexy… much less young trans wanna-be(s) being sexy. i think it will be best to wait it out for many more years before one discovers for himself who he really wants to be. Pageants like these do not send out a good message to children especially children who are gay. Are we saying that it is okay to be gay even at a young age? Or are we saying one must undergo the process first and be accepting of who they are really, down to the core, before one finally comes out and declares to the world YES, I am gay and PROUD OF IT.
There is more to being gay than that. While we do understand that there are a good number of transsexuals whose main goal is to win in beauty pageants (local and international), to look like a woman and get boobs (nevermind the vajayjay), we still feel uncomfortable about “starting ‘em young.” It isn’t about beauty contests that irks us, but it is more of that thin line between being young and free, and child exploitation.


Jeconias Villarico…ms.gay bulilit..

Posted by Jo Villa on Friday, May 15, 2015


FIRST POINT. There will be gays whose life goal is to win in beauty contests, walking down the catwalk in a bikini, putting on make-up and having themselves a pair of boobs. While we respect their choices, we would still frown upon beauty contests that has minors for candidates in general for the simple reason that, these children do not have the capacity to make their own decisions, because they are… well, children. Their road to exploring who they are, be it sexuality or as a person, is still very fresh. Heck they are not even on that road yet if you ask us. Everything is still a game for them at that age, and we wouldn’t expect them to make intelligent choices for their own lives, much less their sexuality. If your little boy would want to imitate the dancers on TV or would want to parade in a bikini, then maybe the best place to do that is in your very own living rooms. If you are the kind of mother who has an open ind when it comes to exploration, then let them be who they are, within the confines of your home. It is not because you are ashamed of what they are doing, but it is simply to protect them from child porn perpetrators or pedophiles. There was this one article we read where the a mother got the shock of her life upon discovering photos of her children in a child porn site. These photos were taken from her very facebook account, of her children taking a bath in the tub. That’s how sick some pedophiles can be.
Now if we allow our children to parade in bikinis publicly, be them gay or straight beauty pageants, aren’t we exposing them to these bastards?
SECOND POINT. Again, we do respect some transsexuals whose mere existence revolve around winning beauty pageants, we would like to send them a message that there is more to life than that. There is more to being gay than that. We have met a couple of gay men and transsexuals who are accomplished professionals, artists, writers and the like, and we loved them for who they have become. We admire the courage it took for them to come out and embrace who they are, be comfortable with it and go after their dreams. They were more than just beauty titlists. They are winners in life. We’d like to send this very message to kids (both gays and straight), life doesn’t end with a fucking beauty title, though the so-called life may begin with one. But there is more depth to life than just a crown. Who then will you be when the crown is relinquished to the next winner? Where then would you be after this? Wala diba? Sayang naman kung itapon mo na lang lahat ng naging ano ka sa basurahan dahil hanggang korona lang naman talaga ang be all and and all ng buhay mo.
What we are trying to say here is this, life is hard enough as a gay person (struggles to be loved and accepted for who you are is to be expected), then you’d give society a reason to ridicule you? You can be fully self expressed, but also be respectable. For the bigots reading, yes even gays believe in such a thing as appropriateness. Would a sane parent allow her 6 year old daughter to wear a bikini in a contest such as Little Ms. Philippines? You certainly won’t. So what difference does it make for young gay boys? And even if the child likes it and parents consent to it, it doesn’t mean it is right. Children working as actors need permits. We think children joining such pageants must also have permits. They become an object of not just ridicule but also of abuse. They are robbed of being children at that young age and are already taken advantaged of for profit possibly, because what are these pageants for? Promoting self respect among pre-adolescents? Give us a fucking break.


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