10 Mar Why We Love Kitchie Nadal



JUAN SAYS: By personal experience, and not by statistics, we’ve come to observe that simple weddings aren’t usually the favored option among women in the Philippines, at least with celebrities. In today’s modern and more practical times, we would like to believe that women would forgo the, well, the whole circus and just focus on what is necessary – the marriage and NOT the wedding.
If we were to live during the colonial times, perhaps the reason why the “altas” would have chosen to celebrate their unions via a larger-than-huge wedding, was for the men to show their affluence and influence in the society. However, in today’s world where most weddings are shouldered by the couple and not merely rely on the “riches” of the family of the groom, we hoped that weddings would be more frugal and more “God-Centered,” rather than “Bride-centered.”
As a prerequisite to any marriage, you are required by the church to go through a pre-cana seminar or a pre-marital counseling. The one thing that marriage counsellors make you swallow is that, marriage is not about the two individuals alone, but it is actually a threesome with GOD as the center. Call us religious fanatics, but it is in our belief that any form of relationship will not be successful without God. And that is actually a FACT!
Sadly, many men and women have not transcended the obsession of having a good public image, you know — the trophy husband (rich and good looking, parade-i-have-snagged-the-most-eligible-bachelor-in-town-material), and the trophy wife (sexy, gorgeous, and oh 10… Uhm, 20… No wait…. 30 years younger than the groom). Brainy? Hindi. STUPID LANG. Believe it or not some people can be this shallow. 
With all the allure and flamboyance of what showbiz and the media has woven out of an ideal wedding, NO wonder all the Aida, Lorna, and Fe’s in the country would want THAT fantasy wedding. A wedding that even Cinderella would kill for. Kahit ipangutang pa yan, mairaos lang ang kapritso. Sige go fight!
But aren’t we getting off tangent here? We were supposed to be talking about “forever” (marriage) and not just “tonight” (the wedding). Oh, some brides and grooms didn’t really think of that.  All they want is that wedding worthy of a telenovela primetime run. To those who can’t settle for anything less than the whole shebang, here is our advice: STOP believing in fairytale weddings. You are not a princess and this is AIN’T a fairytale.
And then in comes Kitchie. Out of the whole bunch of brides that were obsessed with cathedral trains, tiaras and make-up, Kitchie Nadal broke free. Finally, a bride who gets it, emerges from the heap. A glimmer of light to the darkness of the pretentions of a fairytale wedding/romance/whatchamakulit!
As her story goes, Kitchie just went to the venue of the event — simple, concise, direct to the point, NO fuss. And see, it is only, right about now, that we are mentioning the P799 dress. Because for the information of the bimbos, IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE DRESS! Utang na loob! The dress does not make the woman!
Kitchie knows her priorities. Kitchie knows that this day, may it be her wedding, is not all about her. She came in and got married, and that was it. Does she make a big fuss out of it? NO. Does she make a spectacle out of herself? NO. She knows that the wedding is NOT the marriage, and any self-respecting woman would know that. Kahit pa ang yaman ng mapapangasawa mo. Kahit pa reyna ka ng palasyo ni Piolo. Alam mo dapat sa sarili mo na ito ay umpisa pa lang ng pinapasok mo!
Many times elegance becomes “bakya” when people become too obsessed with achieving it. In reality, there are no set rules to elegance. Kahit ilang fork and spoon ang ihalera mo sa mesa, if you don’t have it, then you don’t. Ang malala, yung pinagpipilitan mong maging sosyal kahit hindi ka ganun. Lumalabas lalo ang kabakyaan mo dude!
Kitchie Nadal can’t come in on a better timing. Just when we were about to uh… blow from all the gowns that we’ve seen, counting the swarovski crystals beaded on the gowns, and that who-wore-it-better comparison by the media (lahat ng bride maganda sa wedding day nila), Kitchie comes in like a breath of fresh air. And we love her to bits and pieces for that! We saw how radiant she looked on her wedding day (make-up by herself, dress from the mall, with a million-dollar smile on her face and a serenity that encompasses beyond human understanding. That must be from God).
And it is in our hopes, to see more brides like Kitchie in the near future. So who’s the next one to get hitched?


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