17 Sep While We’re At It, Just Take It Off!



JUAN SAYS: There lies a fine line between wearing what you like because you are comfortable with it, and wearing what your stylist wants because he/she thinks that you will make heads turn on the red carpet. They made heads turn alright, in the wrong possible way. We say these photos on the internet and read how controversial their gowns were and the disasters that they have encountered as they all sashayed their way to picture “not-so-perfect.” The numbers were, after all, a disaster waiting to happen.


We are no prude. If you have been reading JUAN for a good number of years, you would know that being prude or judgmental for that matter is way down on our list. But this?! Sometimes fashion has its way of making you look stupid. Sometimes fashion pushes the boundaries too much that you, the wearer of the dress, gets to be pushed along with it.

We believe in wearing what you want to wear, as long as it is comfortable and placed well. Yet we do not encourage wearing a bikini while strutting along EDSA just because. Wearing almost nothing on the red carpet, or wearing something that spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R is exactly that. We do respect the imagination of the designers, yet we also ask for the same respect from the designers who make us wear shit! Exposing our private parts, or the possible exposure there of, when we are not porn stars is not actually a sign of respect.

But then again, there is the self. Our choice in clothing (and what it covers, and where we wear them) shows the kind of people we are. If our sole purpose in life is to be noticed, then wearing too little clothing that covers almost none, has achieved its purpose. And while we’re at it, why don’t you just strut along EDSA wearing nothing. Here’s your shortcut to stardom. ENJOY!

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