20 Mar What is a Beautiful Pinoy Man? Buzzfeed explains



Juan Says: Who says it’s just the women that are being objectified? The mere fact that we are posting this video is proof enough that women too objectify men. Gone are the days when the basics would mean good looks and a sense of humor, admit it or not, women look at men’s bodies too. While men would undoubtedly look at large breasts, women have managed to retaliate by demanding a set of six-pack, biceps broad shoulders, among many others. Yes, the babaeng bakla has risen and they are here to stay. So the next time you men think of discussing the boobs of a certain celebrity in our midst, think twice. What we are about to say might just hit you square in the face. Yes, we can be shallow that way.




In a survey conducted by Buzzfeed through social media here are their findings in the Philippines:
• “Hottest” male celebrities: James Reid, Daniel Padilla, Piolo Pascual
JUAN SAYS: Spot on Piolo Pascual. Please site a Filipina who wouldn’t want to have Piolo Pascual as her boyfriend. Raise your hands if you are a Filipina who is in denial. No matter what they say about Piolo, we Filipinas couldn’t care less. We want Piolo, the body, the son and everything else in between. We love you PIOLO! (NSFW Piolo-working-on-his-body here.)
• Contemporary Filipino masculinity is a result of mixing local attitudes with those of Spanish and U.S. colonization.
JUAN SAYS: Through the years we have been ogling at men who maybe dark skinned or white, but we would prefer someone with the ‘tisoy’ features. Deep-set eyes, high bridged nose. Uh… they look better in couple selfies kasi. Haha. We want someone whom we CAN introduce to friends and family without many questions because we are tired of answering questions this way: “uh, mabait yan saka masipag.” We just DON’T want to justify why we picked him out of the many cute boys we’ve dated in the past months. We are just tired with the explanations.
• In traditional Filipino masculinity, important qualities are supporting the family, sexual virility, and being in control.
JUAN SAYS: No matter how Filipinas come off strong to you, we still want men to be men. Period.
• In recent years, the “macho ideal” has given way to a booming male beauty market as men embrace “metrosexuality.”
JUAN SAYS: We have accepted the fact that men can dress better, take more time preparing for a night out than women. And we have come to love how they take care of themselves. (For further clarification and to know the categories of men by their looks click here)
• In a 2004 marketing survey, 84% of men in Manila agreed to the sentiment that “looks are everything.”
JUAN SAYS: We do not necessarily agree with the results of this marketing survey but to explain it further, looks are not everything BUT to make women dig deeper into your being, men have to pass the looks test first. There is NO POINT and a total waste of time to get to know somebody in an intimate level if you are NOT physically attracted to them.
• Many Facebook respondents noted that foreign influence for ideal looks and style traditionally came from the country’s Spanish and American ties but is now heavily influenced by Korean pop culture.
JUAN SAYS: Kpop? Pwede rin siguro. Yung parang cartoons lang ang buhok? Parang si Naruto?
What is good about this statistics is that, from the general public standpoint, there has been an increasing number of men who care about their looks and this affects their perception of themselves. FINALLY! Gwapo is in, pangit is out. Survey confirms it. Sana matigil na yung mga mukhang paa na sobrang hambog! Hindi sila ganoon ka-gwapo para maging babaero. Buzzfeed says: this video and its accompanying study aim to put contemporary “ideal” male specimens under scrutiny, front and center, as physical representations of a massive survey, both theoretical and empirical in nature. We hope to spark a more open and important dialogue regarding men’s relationships with their bodies, ethnicity, masculinity, and personal expression of beauty.
(For full article on Buzzfeed click here.)

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