26 May What does a messy purse say about us?



The women of Juan are a lot of things: funny, humorous, multi-taskers, and most importantly, smart. Our lives, to say at the very least, are extremely FULL. It’s jam-packed with the things we do for work and after work that we aren’t shy to admit that our entire lives are stuffed in our purses. And more often than not, we don’t carry just one, but we carry A LOT of stuff in it. We’ve been ostracized for our luggage but let us be first to say that the despite the fact that we have our own luggage, our baggage is not that heavy.



In fact, we believe that our purses tell the stories of our lives: messy, chaotic but that’s exactly how we want it to be. Like every other JUANa, we do have our own share of drama, problems just like any purse that might contain a “leaking pen stain,” or a pocket full of candy wrappers. And even when we’ve got our shit together, our purses would remain the same, no matter how much we clean it, we empty it of trash, it just goes back to what it was before. A big container of halo-halo stuff – make-up, pencils and pens, notebook, calculator na pang-tindahan, earphones, cellphone, wallets, lose change. And if we were mothers, we are sure to find a toy or a pacifier (heaven forbid) and even a bottle of milk stuffed in it too.
We’ve never been the women with the clean pursues, the immaculate schedules, and well-placed hair (some of us do NOT comb our hair for the whole day, not even after the shower. Seriously.) We’re boisterous, passionate, and yes, we laugh a little too loud most of the time. Just like our purses, our lives are never neatly in order and while we may get emotional at times, the important thing is we let it out and we fully express them. We have no time to sit through our purses to clean them because we’re too busy living our lives. We’re too busy making the people around us feel loved. We’ve never been a for-show kind of woman and that’s the reason why we don’t have time fixing the for-show things.
Our purses signify that and because of that, we’re not spending another time apologizing for what you may or may not find in it. Dig in at your own risk. It might just suck you in like a black hole. Haha.


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