27 Jun These Heels were made for Walking



JUAN SAYS: We found a video a guy who tried walking on high heels for the whole day, and he thought he could wing the shoes. As it turned out, the shoes winged him, and then some. (To read the full story, click here).
Here is a brief background to how women got to wearing high heeled shoes. So starting in the middle ages, wealthy men and women began wearing these platform shoes called chopines, more for practicality rather than any Lady Gaga-esque fashion statement. They wore these platform shoes to literally elevate them out of the poop in the streets!
In 1600s, men were really the first ones to adopt high heels as a status symbol. These were the type of shoes that a man wears to show that he is fancy and successful. Remember Louis XIV? He loved these high heels and came up with the signature red bottom for all his shoes. Yep just like a lovely pair of Louboutins.
Women wearing high heels in the 1630s wasn’t exactly for fashion. In fact, this was a form of protest against men’s more powerful positions in society. Hundreds of years later women would be wearing high heels all the time and getting pump bump and callouses and broken toes as a result of it.
Now a full-grown man (probably not knowing the history of women wearing heels) decided to “walk on her shoes” literally. And it nearly “killed him.” Dude, Louis XIV did it. We were hoping you could follow in his errr… foot steps.




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