05 Mar The Fashion Brands That Define You



JUAN SAYS: The concept of acquiring everything branded isn’t new to this society. If anything, the advent of social networking sites had worsened our attachment to things. Our associations with brands are our status symbols, if anything, we have let the brands we carry define who we are.


Let’s face it, we don’t buy brands because we believe that they are sturdy nor they are of good quality, we buy brands because it says something about us especially when we post photos of our purchases on our facebook timelines. It shows the world where we are and what we can afford. We have busied ourselves by following those we idolize, those influencers whom we wanted to emulate, thus, buying whatever they have or claim to have. And how was that supposed to make us feel? Yeah, that we have stepped up the notch, that we have become indeed “one of them.” It is our illusion that we live a life that we dreamed of, a life filled with brands. And the bigger the monogram, the better.

Through the years, we have seen the decline in substance amongst people. As many of the 40-somethings were once taught, what mattered was what was inside our heads. We got the ticket to the “right guy,” the “right job,” the “right exposure,” if we only studied hard, finished our education and head out in search of our elusive dreams. Slowly the dreams of making a mark in this world have evolved to owning a Chanel bag, a Hermes Birkin, and a pair of Ferragamo shoes. We have all reduced it to this – brands. Brands that we have let define us, and no longer the other way around.

Acquiring these brands today have already lost its meaning to us. We no longer want to put our names on the line of the Birkin nor the Kelly, because people already carry them like it was their lives. We no longer want to walk in Manolos nor run in Louboutins because people have reduced it to be something that we never really thought it to be – a status symbol.

Certainly, there will be people who would feel the need to show off what they’ve got for the very reason that it is the only thing they have – the capacity to purchase certain brands is the only talent they have tucked under their belts. It serves too as a mask, a shield to the lives they actually live. We have busied ourselves sifting through society magazines that we have dreamed of becoming just like those who grace their covers. Never mind if their reputation, their character have been trampled upon once over. Basta may pera ako. Period.

Ganda nga ng bag mo, kabit ka naman. It is to say that it is OK to live such a shitty life – a life without integrity, a life so chaotic and dirty that no one can ever fathom on how can survive it. Yung mala-imburnal na buhay ay nagiging ok dahil naka LV ka. It is to say that it is OK to lose your moral compass, basta nababalutan ka naman ng pera. It is to say that life is indeed BETTER, because you can afford things more than other people can. It is a mask, a mask that we all can see through everyday. And you know what it is called? Pretending.

The japayukis have confined themselves purchasing LV products, from head to the fucking toe. The “biglang yamans” of Ayala Alabang (God bless their souls) have chosen the big H. And the monkey-eating eagles have already strutted their stuff in Guccis and what not. But the fact still remains, ang basura balutan mo man ng ginto, basura pa rin.

The networking people has defined this even better. Their top earners drive top notch sports cars just to show their downlines that they have made it. Their Ferraris, their Mustangs, and their Lamborghinis say it all. Yeah, as if money is all that mattered in this world.

As Imelda Marcos once said: if you can count how much you have, then you don’t have much. Nagiilusyon ka!

The brands you wear do not make you better people. In truth, it is your attitude, the values and principles that you stand up for, that makes you an exemplary member of this society. Naka Hermes ka nga, wala namang laman ang utak mo. Naka Gucci ka nga, nang-agaw ka naman ng asawa ng may asawa. Naka-LV ka nga, ilang lalaki naman ang sinerbisyohan mo.

We would like to believe that age-old values of honesty, integrity, loyalty have long been forgotten and have been replaced by the materialistic point of view. We have every reason to believe that many have chosen to go the “easier route” of indulging in prostitution, in theft, in the many other despicable forms of “work” just so their lives can be better. What then is better? To have all the money in the world while selling your souls to the devil? Kailan nga naging better ang mala-imburnal na buhay? Sadly, this has become the reality of many.

We get attached to things. We buy things because it makes us happy. In our small-mindedness, we have conditioned ourselves to believe that the brands we wear make us happy. We smile, we say to ourselves that we have made it. Sorry, but reality is, you never really made it anywhere. Akala mo lang yun.

So the next time we think of flaunting those damned monograms, let us all think twice. Is this all there is to me? And if the answer is yes. Then go post. Kawawa ka naman, hanggang diyan ka na lang.

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