30 Jun The Emperor’s Old Clothes



JUAN SAYS: We do not understand what the fuss is about. There lies a man of simplicity, and just like you and me, he repeats his clothes. He may have worn them several times over, he may have had them for many years, but don’t we, common folk, do that too? This is what we love about our new President. If his not caring about his image, the clothes he wears are any indications, he knows how to live within his means.


In the world where social media is king, pretending to be who you are not just to “keep up with the joneses” is the default. The lives we really live are not exactly what our life is, but it is what it is perceived to be. We get our affirmations why the “likes” and the “hearts” we solicit from posting pictures. And as our new President shows his real self to us – vulgar and well, in old clothes, we all abhor the thought of having a leader who is exactly like us. The us that we have been hiding behind the posts we put on social media.

We have all been accustomed to pretentions. Pretentions have become the reality. And when someone who is “as real as it gets” comes along, we stone him with our vicious comments, again, on social media.

Haven’t we even considered that he may have certain skin conditions, and that only certain clothes wouldn’t give him allergic reactions? Nah, we didn’t think so.


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