27 Jan Stella Araneta defends MJ’s Sapin-Sapin Costume



JUAN SAYS: We can’t move on. I’m sure you can’t too. We’d like to say that it was just a stroke of bad luck for MJ Lastimosa but we couldn’t help but wonder if there was indeed a conspiracy theory. Were we sabotaged? The predictions were that the battle for the crown would be between Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. Surprisingly, MJ didn’t land a spot on the Top 5. We were banking on MJ’s personality and grace, not her clothes. We believed that she had what it takes to make it. But then again, the rest as they say is history.
Did the choice of clothes have bearing since both candidates had their gowns made by Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza? Miss Colombia’s were much different (and in our humblest opinion, way better) than that made (or was it recycled) for Ms. Philippines. What happened to us during the pageant?
In an article published by Rappler.com, Stella Araneta of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities defends her MJ’s national costume, to the dismay of many. We asked our Fashion Director Patricia Coronado on what she thinks of Mrs. Araneta’s statements.


Stella Araneta defends

MJ Lastimosa’s national costume


Source: Rappler.com

Binibining Pilipinas chairperson Stella Araneta spoke up about Miss Philippines’ Mary Jean Lastimosa’s national costume after it was bashed online.
The costume, a floral piece reportedly inspired by the Panagbenga Festival of Baguio, got negative reviews from social media users and many pageant fan.
In an interview with TV Patrol Saturday, January 24, Araneta said that she has been using the work of Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza since Miriam Quiambao placed 1st runner up in Miss Universe in 1999. She said that the national costume was never about authenticity but artistic expression.
Araneta also explained why she has not been using creations of Filipino designers.

“If I didn’t do it for several years, it’s because the designs that were given to us were not good enough for our candidates. That’s the reason I went abroad.”

 Araneta however clarified that she is open to using more creations by Filipino designers.

“The national costume was never about authenticity but artistic expression.” – Madame Stella, what do you mean by this. Please explain exhaustively. If it is about artistic expression & not authenticity, Madame Stella has a pick from the litter of 7000 plus islands of artistic Filipinos residing in it. From the unknown to the well renowned. You see, if a Filipino makes the gowns for our Bb. Pilipinas Universe candidates and other international beauty competitions, the creations of these gowns aren’t and won’t be just commissioned work. It would be a creation of passion and authentic Filipino expression. It would be a labor of love as the artist will have our country’s pride in heart in every single beading, in every miniscule detail of the creation. And that is what these pageants are about. A way for the world to get a sense of where the candidate comes from. Colombian coffee is not Pinoy. Kapeng Barako ang kapeng Pinoy. Getching?!
I am offended!! As a person from the fashion industry, I am very much offended. How can she say that Pinoy designers are not good enough? Mag-aaklas kameng mga beki niyan!!! Super Sireyna (a local beauty contest hosted by Eat Bulaga. Eat Bulaga, hahhhh!) has sooo many beautiful, creative, pinoy-hugot costumes. Local Panagbenga costumes from the locals of Baguio have an array of highly vivid and memorable creations. How can she look down on our own talents that way? It is such a condescending statement. It is like the tisays winning over the morenas – AGAIN! Colonial mentality, Madame? If your old tricks of having costumes and gowns designed by your Colombian designers are not working, why don’t you give Philippine taste a chance? Thank you very much for that statement, Madame I close my remarks with: God bless you and all I really want on this earth is world peace. Thank you, Floridahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
JUAN SAYS: We are sure that these costumes for the “Super Sireyna” beauty contest for transwomen were NOT made in Colombia. They are made in the Philippines by Filipino designers (some we are guessing are budding designers). Sadly these are miles away in ingenuity, craftsmanship and artistry from what MJ Lastimosa wore during the Miss Universe Pageant. Sadly, designs like these are still “not good enough for our candidates.” Pero go lang sa mukhang eskayola! #UtangNaLoob
JUAN SAYS: These costumes were used in Filipino festivals such as the Sinulog in Cebu, Dinagyang in Iloilo, etc. And they are still “not good enough for our candidates.” Pero pwede pa rin kahit mukhang 3-in-1 ice cream, basta gawa sa Colombia. #SorryNotSorry
PATRICIA SAYS: Beautiful creative costumes from the Sinulog Festival. Madame, ngahhngahhh?! Etoh, bah ang not good enough?!
JUAN SAYS: The inspiration for MJ Lastimosa’s fugly outfit was the Panagbenga festival. Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking. #AngLayo
Meanwhile, in an interview with Pep, Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago defended MJ’s national costume.

“It’s never about the clothes, it’s always about the woman behind the dress,” Bea said. If you’ve seen my national costume in orange, it was worse than MJ’s but I carried it well, because no matter what happens, it’s actually you,” she said. 

PATRICIA SAYS: TEHHHH!!! We saw your national costume online. Ang ayos naman ng costume mo, tehh, kumpara mo keh MJ! Kalohkah ka! #mema  And your titles’ are far from each other. Universe ang kanyah, teh! MJ’s costume is worse compared to yours (Bea’s). And if it was all about the woman then why would Miss Universe give a special award for Best National Costume? Tanong natin keh Donald Trump, devahhhh?!
JUAN SAYS: We don’t go by criticizing the work of other people and not offer a solution to a pressing problem. Seriously, we know a bullshit statement when we see one. We believe in the Filipino ingenuity, and we shall not dignify Mrs. Araneta’s statements without giving suggested solutions. So for next year’s Ms. Universe pageant Parade of Nations, here are some of the costumes that can well represent the Philippines. Talunin natin ang kabaliwan ng Canada!



Nancy-inspired Halloween costume (left photo), and Nancy as the Swiss Guard during the Pope's visit.

Nancy-inspired Halloween costume (left photo), and Nancy as the Swiss Guard during the Pope’s visit.

JUAN SAYS: Since we have used Nancy Binay’s costumes for every occasion we could think of (from the Sona to Halloween costumes to the pope’s visit) we felt that this hot-air-balloon for a dress is iconic enough to hit the runways of the Miss Universe pageants. Let’s use her most coveted and sought after fashion statement, as of yet!
JUAN SAYS: Sea Princess is the Original Panagbenga queen. MJ’s costume pales in comparison to what Tessa wears everyday, in her most quiet moments, and even in her sleep. Sana si Sea Princess na lang ang pinag-style nyo!
JUAN SAYS: Darna, FTW! It would be fantastic for the world to see our national-fictional heroine in Miss Universe. Ding ang bato!


JUAN SAYS: Dyesebel, winner yan!! Lalo na pag may machong siokoy na may buhat-buhat sa kanya as she declares “Philippines!”  (Sabay taas sa kanya ng siokoy overhead. Ikaw na teh!)
JUAN SAYS: Galema, para may statement agad! Especially if we breed a two headed python for real effect!
JUAN SAYS: Valentina showcases a headpiece like no other with LIVE palayan snakes, FTW! Para may gulat factor!
JUAN SAYS: Nazareno because we would like to pay homage to the patron saint of the masses. If Miss Dominican Republic can come in as Mama Mary, then we come in as the Nazareno, carrying a wooden cross. Let’s ask all Pinoys watching the coronation night to bring white towels. Import the barker too. WAVE! WAAVE!! WAAAAAVE!!!


JUAN SAYS: Kris Aquino because she is the center of the universe and should always be talked about. Our candidate must scream ala Kris Aquino, says Philippines! And laugh like Kris Aquino. You already!
JUAN SAYS: In lieu of the Pambansang Hayop, the Tamaraw, we give you VICE GANDA! Hayup!
JUAN SAYS: And last but not the least, Jollibee, because we kicked the ass of an American clown with our national bee!


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