06 Feb Plus-size models in Sports Illustrated? Much Ado About Nothing



JUAN SAYS: While everyone thinks that they have scored big time in the latest addition of plus sized women in the much-coveted spots (one is the actual feature, and the other is an advertising campaign) of Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, American women (and us who read the article here, andhere) are cringing at the thought. Sure you have given space to Robyn Lawley, a size 12 and stands at 6 foot 2 inches. Sure you have accepted the money for the advertising placement of ‘Swimsuits for All’ in the same issue, featuring Ashley Graham who wears a size 16. But what you think is a breakthrough in your history is actually tons and tons of hype about uh, nothing.





These women, though donning bigger sized bikinis, have flat stomachs, toned bodies, and rounded breasts, that not many women have. Reality is, plus sized women are short and enlarged in places where they wish fat didn’t exist. Though the advertising campaign of Ashley says #CurvesInBikinis, this doesn’t take our point across – that you can have curves in the wrong places and still be beautiful. The campaign sends out the message that curvy women can save themselves from being seen as ugly by creating the illusion of ‘body-beautiful’ in a bikini. Still the same standards, which sadly, no matter how many curvy women kill themselves in the gym, they may never achieve simply because they are born that way.




Curvy and real plus-size women would have appreciated your efforts more IF you took that bold step into putting someone like Tess Holliday and her campaign #EffYourBeautyStandards, and go the route of using a political standpoint to sell your stuff. But then again, why are we even expecting a lot from a magazine that sells ‘sex’ for profit?



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