22 Jan PAK Like A Queen



JUAN SAYS: The baggage that queens bring to front says a lot about queens in general. While we are all thinking that every contestant in the Miss Universe pageant is entitled to bring several sets of gowns, cocktail dresses and well, shoes to match every outfit they change into, we at JUAN see a different side to the story.


Baggage and queens. A unique combination that brings us to the realization that every woman has a story to tell, beyond the bags, beyond the clothes and beyond what meets the eye.

Many of us see beauty pageants as shallow, a shallow representation of women compared to the recently concluded Women’s March in America where queens (thereby, the queen of pop Madonna and the queens of Hollywood) took center stage to voice the indignation to the election of US President Donald Trump. But to us, a queen is a queen, some are just crowned differently.

What we see in the photos released by Manila Bulletin were beauty queens and their luggage, what we saw were women who had baggage, stories to tell and love to share to the world. Indeed if we look at the photos in a different angle one would see the reality that every queen has a baggage. Lots of it to be frank. But baggage nonetheless. Men see this baggage as unnecessary drama, issues that shouldn’t be at the forefront of every woman. But to say that she shouldn’t be loaded with baggage is to ask for too much. The woman that she is today is a product of all the baggage she carried, discarded and picked up along the way. To ask her to shed off the lessons she has learned, her finding humor in her pain, is like asking her to take off who she has become through the years.

So if you do not understand the baggage she carries, just leave it be. Queens, you know, are still queens, even with tons of baggage.

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