23 Apr OH MILEY. Put your hands up in the air to expose your armpit hair!



PATRICIA SAYS: This is bizarre bazaar for me. I have chosen to laser zap my hairy-ness but it might be different for the less vain or the more cavemen like people Haha. Are people just really bored out of their minds and need a cause for all causes. Please enlighten me. Do people now just really do the most radical and even the stupidest thing for attention? No matter if it is profound, has a cause, shallow, earth shattering, world changing or not, I am really baffled. I am at a loss for words on how norms are changing and it kinda scares the stiff bowel out of me that I may not fit in because my mind can’t go this far. There are certain standards that I (and I am assuming every reader of JUAN) was taught by our parents, that I believe should stay where they are, standards for propriety, respect and well, hygiene.
Even madonna, who I super love has begun to irk me like a herpes vile saliva. AND I believe she is doing this to let people know she is still significant. And I can’t accept the fact that significance means being stupid. Madonna signed a contract with jay-z for that downloadable whatever music thing and before signing the contract on a theatre stage, she lifts one of her legs on the table, semi straddles the table like an old grandma. I asked myself as I watched her: “why do that?” And this is coming from a very eccentric person. I am dumbfounded. Please help me understand. (To read more about this click this link)
JUAN SAYS: We are trying to understand and put meaning in #freethearmpithair and #freethenipplecampaign. The girls of JUAN do not get it, but we are guessing that the men do – the #freethenipplecampaign we mean, for obvious reasons. Please help us understand the cause that Miley is taking because there are hundreds or thousands of causes that are truly worth her time and stature.


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