24 Apr Nike Ad Turns Can’t to CAN



JUAN SAYS: We watched the videos and we couldn’t help but feel empowered, looking forward to gym time this weekend. We know, it isn’t that easy to drag yourself out of bed and bring yourself to the gym for an hour or so to inflict excruciating pain on our bodies. But we found out that the best motivation isn’t about losing weight or wearing those fancy outfits, but you bring yourself to exercise because you are having fun!
CARLA SAYS: We’ve always been athletic and I absolutely adore going to my gym, however, that doesn’t mean that I don’t question myself several times per workout if I have gone momentarily insane because workouts are tough.
This is one of the reasons why I fell head over heels over Nike’s Better for It ad that empowers women to go for it even if there are times when simply dragging yourself in the gym can be such a chore. It tackles the inner dialogue we all have but are too shy to admit. It also reminds us that everyone, even the hardcore superwoman at the gym, is just winging it and we shouldn’t be scared to try.
The series tackles the list of things we’re scared to say out loud and the accomplishment we feel even if we’re not a top grade athlete. It also encourages women to be kinder to each other because just like everyone else, we have our own insecurities.
Watch the videos and be inspired. (Click here)


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