21 Apr My Marie France Experience: The Semi-Naked Truth



It was a fat girl’s nightmare.
There I was wearing a skimpy string triangle bikini top that emphasized my back rolls and a tight boyleg shorts that made me look like the Pillsbury dough boy if you held him in your hand and squeezed him like a squeaky toy. I was also photographed in the most unflattering way possible—a side view of what could easily be mistaken as a pregnant belly.
It was plastered all over the internet, all over print media, all over the Metro, and all over a big-ass billboard along Edsa. And to top it all off, they didn’t use my “after” photo. They put me beside a skinny chick that I don’t even know. And oh, it was not a nightmare. It was real life. I almost prayed to Satan to open up the ground and swallow me whole and I’ll just be his butt scratcher or something. We did the shoot the year before and I had no idea I looked that big.
I remember I felt big because there was a point where I looked at a tagged photo on Facebook and didn’t recognize myself. I weighed 145 lbs. It was the heaviest I have ever been and the unhealthiest as well. I was wearing my mother’s clothes because none of mine fit and I was eating more if not as much as my hungriest and tallest older brother.
People were calling me left and right, messaging me on social media, sending me photos of this billboard asking me if I really was the girl on the photo. I had to deactivate my social media because I was so embarrassed and I didn’t how to handle my unwanted fame. I guess in the back of my head, I will always be the fat girl who was always teased no matter how much weight she lost. I know I’m not that person anymore but I was still so embarrassed to see myself. My mindset was a mess.
We did the “before” photoshoot of Marie France’s anniversary campaign around the last week of May. It was just so glamorous and everyone was so nice, I have decided to do it for the rest of my life. The glamorous life, however, didn’t decide to do me for the rest of its existence. I just came from Puerto Galera and if you have been there, you would know that their Mindoro rice is the best thing since sex. I wouldn’t know as I am what my friends call “the last hymenally challenged girl” but I think it’s an apt comparison.
I started Marie France on June 15, 2014. I was greeted by the friendly doctor/nutritionist who asked about my medical background and took my measurements. I was also weighed on an electric scale and everything was recorded. I was told this was important because this is where we see if we achieve any progress in the program. They also made me stop training and workout because they said the treatments work better this way and to prove that Marie France really helps.
I started with what they called Physique Inch Loss. Nice and helpful lady nurses will be coming to help you with anything you need. It’s a bunch of soft plastic discs connected to a machine. They will place it wherever your problem areas are. In my case, I used it on my thighs, my belly, and my arms. My belly was constantly treated while they alternate my arms and legs every session. This one is the most relaxing treatment ever. The soft plastic discs releases soft electric pulses that feels like a bunch of little people are massaging you. There is a level that starts from 1 to 16. Sometimes I can go for 14 or 15 and there are days when I can only tolerate up until 5. It really depends on how I feel on certain days.
After Physique, I psychologically prepare myself for FMS or Fat Mobilization System. According to MF, this treatment burns up to 2,000 calories per session without lifting a finger. They wrap you up with a wet-menthol-drenched gauze. It’s not really cold inside the room but if ever you’ve dreamed of going to Mount Everest, it might be cheaper to just do FMS. The menthol seeps into your soul and chills the bejesus out of your sins.
Since it’s so cold, this will enable the body to produce more heat to burn more calories. You’ll only do this for 25 minutes but honestly; it’s my least favorite treatment. I am not a big fan of being cold. I like being in cold places while wrapped up in the warm, toasty goodness of my blankets but I do not like being cold on purpose.
Although it’s my least favorite, it worked really well for me. I lost two pounds almost every session without workout. That’s a whopping six pounds per week because I go three times a week (the recommended frequency of visits to utilize the effects). By the end of the first month, I lost 16 pounds.
They also monitored my food intake, much like the idea of Weight Watchers. But instead of putting the pressure of ultimately changing your lifestyle, they make the Marie France lifestyle work for you. They give you a booklet where you write what and how much you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They will also lower your calorie intake from 1800 (normal consumption) to 1,200 and give you a list of healthier options you can substitute for your current food so you maximize the energy you get from these foods without overeating. They will compute it and convert it to the amount of calories and just give you tips on how to manage your eating. This is how I learned to eat vegetables.
See I was only limited to eating healthy food. Not that they were around me all the time but I have decided that to be able to make this work, I have to commit to it. So instead of starving on what little junk food I can eat, I just decided to learn how to cook vegetables the way I wanted them and eat as much as I want to. So two things happened: I ate vegetables and I learned how to cook. Thanks, MF.
I wasn’t so crazy about the diet but I did get healthier by eating veggies. I also designated a cheat day (every Sunday) so I won’t go crazy or so cravings won’t get hold of my sanity. From 145 lbs., my goal was 120 lbs. It seems extreme but it was the recommended weight for my height and built. By the end of two months, I lost 20 lbs. and was down to 125 lbs. I lost tons of inches off my legs, arms, and tummy. I say tons because I don’t exactly remember how much but I remember it was a lot.
We did the after photo shoot and I was stunned. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. They gave me a pair of jeans so small, I told them there was no way in hell that Pandora’s plague can be squeezed into those trousers. They told me to just put it on and when I did, it fit. I was so emotional in the fitting room, you’d think I’m the crazy bitch from White Chicks who needs Dr. Phil and Oprah. I collected my sanity and by now you know that of course, I werked it.
I know I never could’ve done it without Marie France. I really wanted to lose weight. I was going to the gym and doing all the exercise everybody said I should do but it didn’t work. Only Marie France worked for me. It was non-invasive, easy, and effective. It’s like I had a new-found confidence after Marie France. I was holding my chin up again and wearing all the clothes I like to wear without feeling too conscious. It was like I was a different person and I loved it.
Now that I’m over that embarrassment over that fat photo of me, I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I’m proud to say I can do it and I actually did it. I overcame my biggest body issue. It wasn’t easy. It’s still not easy even now. But I did it.
I’ll probably write something about life after Marie France and how to maintain the weight. There’s still something on the works for me, and Marie France and hopefully, we can get started before the first quarter of the year ends.
Cheers to getting healthier, losing weight, and looking and feeling as fabulous as you should always be!
Thanks, Marie France!


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