13 May Love Conquered Miley



JUAN SAYS: When you say elegance, surely the name Miley Cyrus would never pop in your head. In fact, she would be the total antithesis of the word. If there was one person who lived the word TACKY in most aspects, that would be her – Miley.


In recent developments where she got back together with her old fiance Liam Hemsworth, Miley made a complete turnaround and cleaned herself up. Finally, the then lost and tasteless kind of gal is blossoming to what she should be, and we couldn’t be any happier.

Miley was a mother’s nightmare. Her attitude, the lack of tact in her performances and lifestyle, was not exactly a sight to behold. Parang unggoy lang na nakawala sa hawla. The lack of taste in fashion, in thinking and even in her stage performances were enough reason for many mothers to ban their daughters from watching her concerts and even her performances on television. It was never really refreshing. It was annoying.

The Miley today is a reminder that people can change. It can be because of a love lost and found again. It could be that she was getting tired of her well, crazy self, that she had to reinvent herself again. She is more relevant today, we believe than what she was in the last few years.

Miley wasn’t always this way. She did have some sense in her choices. What went wrong? Ah yes, we all remembered the on again, off again relationship with (name), and truth be told, we were getting tired of Miley’s so-called “rebellion.” We know, even if she denies it, that her seemingly disturbing behavior is directly equated to her heartbreak with Liam.

A man shouldn’t define us, that is what we have been preaching all along. But when you have been with a person for a long time and suddenly, something goes wrong, you tend to lose yourself. You have closely identified yourself with a significant other and for it to be ripped off, that may be one of the most excruciating pains that this world has to offer.

In turn, we become lost and to most people, we become what we are not. And in the case of Miley, she turned out to be everything that everyone dreads to be, and sadly, that was for the world to see.

The sudden change in taste – be it in clothing style and attitude is in many ways a form of rebellion from an old relationship gone wrong. It is to say that “I’M DONE WITH YOU, so look at me now and watch me do it.” But the thing is, are you pretty sight to behold?

Sa totoo lang, imbes na makaganti ka, ikaw pa ang nagmukhang CLOWN!

Now, Liam and Miley are back together again, and Miley is cleaning up. It took the love of her life to realize that enough is enough. Sometimes the people we choose to be with mirrors what we are becoming. We change for the better because the people that we have chosen are better people. And it is evident, in our lifestyle (she ditched drugs and alcohol), in our taste in clothing (NO MORE TACKY AF CLOTHES), and everything else that makes us calmer, less wild. It is to say that you are happy. It is to bring back the sparkles in your eyes. And the eyes, as we have heard shows what we really feel inside. And for Miley, we know she is A-OKAY.

We are rooting for you, Miley!

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