12 Apr Lost in Translation



JUAN SAYS: Yes we understand that she has already apologized for this, but didn’t she just do it because of the many netizens who criticized her and called her names, assuming that what she actually said was hurtful? We don’t know if we are the only ones who got the humor of her post. Truth be told while reading her post, we thought that she was just being sarcastic. Imagine buying a hat that would cost almost the same as a donation to feed children in Africa. Wouldn’t anyone in his right mind find that absurd? C’mmon. She can’t be THAT STUPID.


To compare them and to even ask what would Angelina Jolie do is very telling of what she wanted to say. She just compared both out disgust maybe that a certain hat could already feed children in Africa. And Angelina Jolie? Yes, that question of what would she do? Her, Angelina, a known philanthropist, is already a no-brainer.

We don’t understand why everybody reacted all of a sudden without blinking twice. We purposely re-read her post and gathered that it was not exactly what many accuse her of. Yes, it may sound privileged, but then uh, she is privileged. And what is so wrong with that? Is it her fault for finding a hat that is THAT EXPENSIVE? She runs in that circle. She shops in those stores. And what is so wrong with that?

And if she finds it absurd to find a hat that is an arm and a leg, we in JUAN think that we shouldn’t fault her for that.

Read through the post people. We found sarcasm at its finest, and some of us just didn’t get it. Sharpen up, people.

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