21 Aug Kristen Stewart Shows Us It’s OK to do What We Wanna Do



JUAN SAYS: This is one of the reasons why we are loving Kristen Stewart. She makes us feel that whatever faux pas we are doing, it doesn’t really matter because she herself is doing it anyway. Another “wala-akong-pakialam-nagpapakatotoo-lang” kind of girl that is refreshing to the eyes.
During the premiere of her current movie American Ultra, Kristen wore high heeled pointed pumps that any girl would’ve complained to after wearing it for a good number of minutes. Imagine your toes being crammed on a very slim toe compartment? Your toes may just have piled themselves on top of the other, added to that is the pressure coming from your whole foot which is elevated at the sole. Hindi makatarungan para sa mga daliri sa paa. And Kristen just does what any girl in her situation would have wished to do instead of repeating the mantra “tiis-ganda” in her head. She took of the shoes and walked bare foot on the red carpet to the sight of the press and fans. (Read full story here)
Who cares!?! Sa masakit na nga naman ang paa niya. Hindi naman paa mo ang masakit diba?
 We too have done that, removing our heels on the dance floor, walking barefoot in Resorts World after a long night in Republiq (yes that was how long ago that was) and getting drunk in the process. Oh, and we would do that even in our gowns too. We can surely identify with Kristen’s pain. Why on earth do they make shoes like that? Beats the crap out of our feet!



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