22 Jan JUAN on MJ Lastimosa’s National Costume



JUAN SAYS: From those hideous shoes she wore during the pre-pageant activities and now this? Somebody is trying to sabotage the Philippines in the Miss Universe contest. Don’t get us wrong, we are behind MJ Lastimosa, in fact, in our humblest opinion, we’d like to think that she is a contender to the crown, that’s why we are utterly concerned with this, this, uh. We can’t even find the words to describe it. Haven’t they heard of the saying: “less is more?” Or somebody died and changed it to: “when in doubt, go all out?” And all out it is.
As described in Rappler, the gown was inspired by the Panagbenga festival, and created by a designer from Colombia. Now there is a disconnection there somewhere. Why did we employ a foreign designer to interpret our very own National Costume when:
a) we have an abundant supply of talented Filipino designers who know the Philippine terno by heart
b) revert back to letter a.
c) repeat until it goes inside your head, so we won’t make the same mistake come next time.
In a competition such as this, the key factor is to be noticed. Contestants have indeed gone as far as they can just to get the eye of the judges especially for the Parade of Nations. Yep, we have to agree, MJ Lastimosa is standing out alright, like a middle finger up in the air.
We have the terno, the patadyong, the mariaclara, the singkil princess and even the tribes people from the highlands if you wish, take inspiration from that. But please, do NOT make an eskayola out our National Costume.  We’d like to think that the costumes from Sinulog are waaaaaaaayyyy better than this. Hiniram na lang sana. Seriously. WTF!
Bakit nga siya mukhang sapin-sapin? Eh national costume ang laban hindi national delicacy! Now we are wishing that the story in adobochronicles is true.  Sigh. Paging Mrs. Araneta, you are losing your touch.


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