25 Oct It is JUST a dress!



photos from Rappler.com and Fashion Pulis
JUAN SAYS: The issue on Maine Medoza’s gown yesterday, as she strutted the stage of Eat Bulaga’s “Ang Tamang Panahon,” 36th anniversary extravaganza is nothing short of shallowness. Words can’t even describe how small the minds of people who are accusing Eat Bulaga or GMA-7 of putting less premium on Maine by making her wear a “second hand” dress. Some even went further by saying that it was a sabotage effort from the stylist Liz Uy as accusers say she is after all a good friend of Anne Curtis, co-host of Eat Bulaga’s rival show It’s Showtime.
Sure, Liz Uy and her team should’ve asked the designer where the said dress have already appeared, be it on the runway or even in magazines. Sure, Liz Uy should’ve considered the fact that it was previously worn by another celebrity from another channel and that netizens may notice that the same dress is being worn twice. Sure she could’ve asked the designer to make something new for Maine, after all, as designer Francis Libiran’s post on his instagram account says that it was PAID FOR by Eat Bulaga. Sure there was an oversight on the stylist’s part regarding the dress, and a big one at that.
We have known a good number of celebrity stylists and we have seen their works for both movies and personal styling for celebrities, and they do painstakingly research about clothes that they make their celebrities wear. Some go as far as having the dress made, collaborate with designers to create that perfect look for their celebrity clients, especially when clients PAY for the clothes that they will be wearing on certain occasions. It lies with the imagination, the creativity and more so, the stylist’s passion in dressing up their clients, be them celebrities or not. Hindi yung pinakita lang ng designer, maganda sa paningin mo, sabay ilalatag mo na sa kliente para pamiliian. After all it is your name, your taste, and your integrity that is on the line as the celebrities you wear walk up that red carpet or play that role in a movie where you are tasked to well, provide the clothes that would suit their character.
However, as we read the tweets and comments regarding Maine’s dress, we can’t help but notice the shallowness of the issue. Is it that much of a sacrilege as to make it an issue that Maine Mendoza wore a dress that was previously donned by Kim Chui, even if it was worn on a huge event watched by millions of fans? Is it that much of an issue as to merit attacks and conspiracy theories? Ang babaw lang talaga. Ang babaw.
The Aldub Nation has fallen in love with Maine Mendoza for one simple reason, she is unlike other celebrities. She is who she is with and without the klieg lights. She is the same Maine Mendoza who was known for her funny dubsmash which hit the internet by storm. She is the same Maine Mendoza who really didn’t care if she looked crazy on videos and even the crazier “Yaya Dub” on national television. Ask Maine Mendoza if she cares about wearing a dress that was previously worn by another celebrity and we are pretty sure that she wouldn’t care as much as others do. Simpleng tao si Maine. Sana naiintindihan nating lahat yun. Does she deserve a first hand dress never worn by any celebrity? Indeed she does. But would she even feel bad about this? We don’t think so. Unlike other celebrities with entitlement issues, Maine doesn’t have any. And we shouldn’t have one too. If there is an issue about the dress, it should be between the PAYOR (TAPE Inc. and Eat Bulaga) and the GLAM TEAM (Francis Libiran and Liz Uy), not the fans! Pwede ba!
Would we have loved Maine more if she wore another dress? Would we have felt more kilig if she had another dress on? Sa totoo lang, kahit pa naka-duster lang si Maine with matching apron, mababaliw pa rin tayong lahat sa kakasigaw! Truth be told, it is not about the dress. It will never be about the dress, but about the wearer of the dress. So let’s not make a big fuss about the dress, but emulate how genuine the wearer is. Kaya tayo nasasabihang mababaw. Damit lang, issue na. Damit lang, beast mode na agad. Pili-pili ng issue na papalakihin pag may time. Yan tayo eh.


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