13 Mar How Real Can This Really Get? Calling Dove for ‘Real Women…’



JUAN SAYS: It’s that dress again! The first time it hit the news was when Jamie Alexander wore this Azzaro number in the premiere of Thor back in 2013. It has made waves in fashion industry where other designers like Donna Versace produced their own version of the sheer black dress. Heck, it even made its debut in the Philippines via Rajo Laurel who had his own take on the sheer black dress worn by Divine Lee. Now the dress is back again to haunt us through an online store this time, by one woman who felt that she HAD to have THE DRESS.
The dress + the woman = horrifying, from the looks of it, but hey, isn’t this what the Dove Real Women campaign is all about?
Supposing that the woman really felt good wearing the dress, she has the confidence to wear it, never mind the body. She wants to wear it to a club or to a red carpet event because she personally thinks that this is her signature, that this is who she is. Should we bash her, fault her or even throw up for looking like that?
We’re wondering if the likes of Dove, Ponds or any other brand with a “be real” or “real women” campaign would support a woman like her. Would they actually rise up in defense of this woman who is showing off her real body to the world? Would they say, yes you can walk down the red carpet (at our very own event) in that sheer dress! Why then can’t we give the same equal opportunity to someone who is not exactly in the ideal proportions of a woman’s body as to someone with silicone breasts? More importantly, shouldn’t they? This is IN FACT as real as any woman can get.
We salute women (and men) who have the confidence to buy from online stores, believe in advertising promotions, believe in themselves that they can look good in any outfit they choose. Lakasan ng loob lang talaga ang fashion. Fashion trends (just like life) are way too short not to live it and have fun with. If you are happy with what you are wearing and you are not affected by what people will say or how they react when they look at you, then we say GOFERITTT!
But if wearing a dress like this (or do anything stupid for that matter) would make you go crazy and retaliate in a very very very “squaking” fashion, then diet-diet muna teh. No rice, no food, no water, only kamote for many days to achieve the body that would give justice to the dress. Get a gym membership. Hire a fitness trainer. Get yourself a good fashion designer, who could make that sheer black dress for you. And don’t just rely on online stores. That’s why it’s called haute couture, so it snugs your body perfectly.
What we are trying to say here is improve yourself first (and we mean it in all aspects: physique, mental, spiritual, taste) then when you are confident enough, when you look well enough to carry such a risqué dress then strut all you want. AND THEN you can say to all your haters “mamatay kayo sa inggit!”


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