17 Aug Herve Bandage Dress: Not for the fat, old, and lesbian



JUAN SAYS: We were quite shocked to hear the statements of Herve Leger London Managing Director Patrick Couderc against women who he thinks are unsuitable to wear those “bandage” dresses. In his interview with The Daily Mail (read story here), he particularly pointed out who shouldn’t wear the dresses and sadly, it is well, almost 90% of the world’s women population.
He said women with “very prominent hips and a very flat chest” shouldn’t wear the bandage dress; if you are an older woman and are out to “displaying everything like you’re 23;” and the lesbians — “If you’re a committed lesbian and you are wearing trousers all your life, you won’t want to buy a Leger dress. Lesbians would want to be rather butch and leisurely.”
Well, he is practically ruling out every possible costumer of that bandage dress!
Here’s the thing, we would like to see it from his perspective and say he is merely giving advice to the ladies whom the bandage dress may not be very flattering. It is true, if you are a little bit on the curvy side, you may put on the dress and see all the bulges that seem to have a life on its own and say “ugh, I look fat,” when in reality you are not. The bandage dress may just be the thing to ruin your perception of your body, when in reality you just have big hips and big boobs like many other women.
He went on to discourage the older women who love wearing dresses that are too revealing for their age. While we would like to believe that there is really nothing wrong if an older woman dresses in the same fashion as the younger set, the problem is, there are already skin elasticity issues when you are a bit older, and this may also well, damage your self esteem. We would like to believe that while older woman may have breast augmentation looking like they have a breast of a 20 year old when in reality they are nearing their “senior years,” older women might not appreciate seeing their cleavage a tad too low as compared to those who are younger. And a wrinkly kind of cleavage is not exactly a sight to behold. Patrick encourages women to dress appropriately. There are really nice dresses for the older set which make them feel great, look great, sexy but not something that spells “nagmumurang kamatis lang ang peg!”
However, I think he missed the point about the lesbians (or did we?). Not all lesbians are butch – those who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a dress, so to generalize lesbians as such would be quite unfair to the consuming market. There are lesbians (or whatever they are referred to now in the LGBTQI flag) who still wear womanly clothes, revealing and sexy. One’s sexual preference shouldn’t be a basis of who can and can’t wear a certain dress. Caitlyn Jenner is wearing it, why can’t a beautiful and confident lesbian?
And lastly, we didn’t appreciate with what he said: “refuses to give free dresses to celebrities if they are judged to lack sufficient class.”
Well, we re-read the statement of Patrick, and the operative word here is FREE. Sure those without class can still wear the dresses ONLY if they buy it. But what he is saying here is this, his would be ambassadors for the brand, he’d want them to have some sort of class. We’re wondering if he will “lend” those dresses to celebrities that DO NOT fit his standards, like those pictured above: Kyle Richards, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame. And our very own Jeane Napoles! Bawal daw ang damit sa walang class. Pero deadma sha kung pwedeng suotin ng magnanakaw.



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