29 Apr Hairspiration? Stealspiration?



This is exactly what we have been talking about. Filipinos are so used to copying from ideas abroad — be it a plot for a movie, a designers signature dress or a concept for a magazine shoot – that we have been so complacent about robbing other people of their “artistry.” Since many of us do not really care nor react violently to copycats (some of us even pay huge amounts of money for rip offs of so-called artists) that some Filipinos feel that it is okay to grab someone’s work of art or a whole body of work, and claim it as theirs, or use it to promote their brands or stores. Where is the creativity in all that?
From fashion designers, to movie directors, to plagiarism, in comes another controversy amongst hairstylists and make up artists. We chanced upon a photograph of a big star in one of the instagram posts of the salon Hairshaft. We knew the people close to the celebrity and inquired about her look. To our horror, this particular look (the hair and make-up) wasn’t done by the said salon, but was actually executed by another stylist not in any way connected to Hairshaft. We were confused. Paano nga ba napunta ang photograph ng isang artista sa instagram ng isang mamahaling salon at parang inaako nito na sila mismo ang gumawa ng hair and make up nito? Sinadya? O sadyang nagkamali lang?
As we looked through the rest of the photos, the real stylists who did the hair and make-up of these celebs and a bunch of other photos, started commenting and asking Hairshaft to give credit where credit is due. Oo nga naman. Hindi pala kayo ang gumawa, eh bakit parang inangkin nyo na?
Forgive us for being sensitive and territorial about our works of art, yes that includes hair and make-up done by particular stylists being lifted from the internet or social networking sites and being used to promote a different stylist/make-up artist/salon. To many of us, these photographs, no matter how crude you think they are, are our walking portfolios and our “certificate of credibility” that we can present to other clients (be it corporate or personal) to get us more jobs. Wala naman sigurong masama if we repost (using the repost app on instagram, facebook, twitter) just to acknowledge where these photographs came from. And worst of all, why use it to promote your salon when these are not, let’s say it again, NOT YOUR WORK to begin with. Asan naman ang credibilidad natin nyan?
Upon writing of this article, Hairshaft has already removed the said photos and apologized (through text and messages) to all stylists concerned. And you know what’s funny, they don’t know the root of this issue. Nakakaloka! We’d like to believe that at the back of those behind Hairshaft they are thinking that they are in fact NOT STEALING these photographs since they have added the coined word: “Hairspiration.” And that is supposed to make people understand that these works are NOT actually yours but of other people? At naman, ang mga sangkatutak na hashtag na nakasunod dito eh maliwanag na promotion ng Hairshaft.


So in our minds, the minds of the innocent who are following your instagram, everything is yours. Hindi nyo naman kasi sinabi kung sino ang gumawa eh.
Also, erasing the photos and saying I AM SORRY is not enough. Kung lahat ng bagay ay nadadaan sa sorry, eh di sana hindi na natin kailangan ng pulis sa mundo.

Hairshaft has to acknowledge the grave mistake that they have made, repost the photos they stole from the social networking sites of these hairstylists and make-up artists and credit the owners of the said photos. If their Hairspiration is really sincere, they must add why they liked these styles. It wouldn’t take much from a salon as big as Hairshaft to support even the freelance hair and make-up artists don’t you think? Ano ba naman ang i-credit ninyo ang gawa ng ibang taong ginagamit nyo rin naman. This latest brouhaha is tantamount to a Goliath stealing from a David. Ano nga ba ang laban ng mga freelancers? All they can do now is post their grievances on Hairshaft’s instagram account, and accept an apology from Hairshaft, that “for-the-benefit-of-the-doubt” is sincere.
Tigilan na kasi ang pangongopya, pagnanakaw ng mga pictures at gagamitin ninyo for your promotions. Walang nagagawang matino yan! Magpost kayo ng sarili ninyong gawa, yung may namumulang anit at kilay para INTENSE!



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