27 Jan Filipino Designers Cry Foul over Stella Araneta’s Statement on the National Costume



JUAN SAYS: We feel for our Filipino designers and we don’t condone the act of being reduced to nothingness and be branded as ‘not good enough.’ We share with you their sentiments as seen in StyleBible.ph


Sadly, only Rajo Laurel was brave enough to send his design for national costume. C’mmon people. Are we that scared to go beyond the box and squeeze out our creative juices? Niyurak-yurakan na ang pagkatao natin. Pati kaluluwa’y nyo’y gutay-gutay na rin! Tapos hanggang evening gown lang tayo? Let’s get out of our comfort zones and rock Latin America with our fabulous ‘bakla ako’ designs (‘Bakla Ako’ trans. you’re awesome).

We are calling all the costume designers of Super Sireyna, the artisans from Cebu, Iloilo, Capiz, Antique, Batangas, Tawi-tawi, Divisoria, Baclaran, Quiapo and Spratly Islands. Let’s show this Colombian woman that WE ARE BETTER than what she proclaims we are. Let’s volt in mga Bekis at mga Babaeng Bakla!

Take note of the guidelines: National Costume must be “papansin,” tawag-pansin (think Canada’s hockey costume) but still showcasing your class and Pinoy artistry. Less of the pa-soshal please nang hindi tayo nasasabihan ng ‘not good enough,’ mga bakla (you’re awesome) pa naman kayo!

BUT, our vote still goes to the JOLLIBEE-inspired costume, until someone tops that. We kicked a clown’s ass with our Bee Happy Bee.

Filipino Designers Cry Foul

over Stella Araneta’s Statement

on the National Costume


Source: Stylebible.ph | Nikki Santiago-Rivera



“I feel quite bad about all the brouhaha regarding our national costume, specifically the statements questioning how good our Philippine designers are. We have some of the best designers in the world in our country and it is shameful that one has to go outside of the country to find another person to represent who we are as a nation. I think someone has to open their eyes and minds to what our very own can offer. Perhaps, all one needs is to be reintroduced and be reminded about how amazingly talented all our designers, craftsmen and artisans are.”



“I understand where Ms. Araneta is coming from with regards to her decision in the past to go abroad to find what she felt would be a better designer. To be fair to her, we have had a stellar performance at the Ms. Universe pageants throughout the years, and that is because of her efforts. It seems to me, however, that the times have changed. There are many more talented Filipino designers now and I am sure that our designs can occupy a proud place among the works of others anywhere on the planet. We have designs that can make not just Ms. Stella Araneta proud, but everyone else who believes in the beauty of the global Filipino.”


“Ms. Stella Araneta saying the designs given to her are not good enough for the candidates, is an insult to us and the local fashion industry. Not at par with Colombian designer? Just look at what happened to Mj’s national costume and evening gown—poor execution and outdated as many have described. Many Filipino designers have already gained international recognitions and have won in competitions; so it baffles me that no one is good enough for her.”


“About Ms. Araneta’s statement, I am not sure who she has tried to work with in the past but I definitely know that there are so many talented designers in the Philippines that can create world class gowns for our candidates. I think, rightfully so, our representative should be wearing something proudly Filipino.”


“Stella has the prerogative to choose the people who will dress up her queens since she is the owner [of the Binibining Pilipinas organization]. Regarding her choice of a Colombian designer, she is and will always be a Colombian. I think she will never be a Filipino even by heart so how can she appreciate the works of one over her own?”



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