11 Sep Equality How2BU? Pop the Question with a Rolex



JUAN SAYS: Blame it on books that you read when you were in your 20s which said the best way to a man’s heart is to show him that you are NOT interested. The moment you turn him down is the moment he set his radar on you. Even when we’d like to play this game and show the man our interest with disinterest, it is a sad fact that men take it as it is. Your disinterest is what it is, DISINTEREST. It is 2016, and women have fought for equality. What we fail to see is that equality has its downs too. While we don’t exactly care if a man offers us his seat in the bus or not, we care about showing too much of our feelings. Nakakatakot. Masakit ma-basted! It is NOT in our nature to chase, nor is it in our nature to be rejected. But the moment we fought for equality, this privilege was laid on the table.


We no longer have that privilege of being chased or wooed. We can no longer afford to play the game, that in the olden days, women always won. Today, everything is fair and square — jobs, careers, and yes, even wanting someone and going after him is and should be fair and square.

It is 2016, and the idea that men would have to do the pursuing is as stale as it can get. More and more women are being aggressive, borderline desperate to hook up with the next possible lifetime partner. We too have managed to put our best foot forward, our feelings on the line, and hoping against hope that somehow he feels the same way too. While the treatment of women has vastly changed over the years, many of our expectations have not. We have not gone all out on our pursuit. When it comes to settling down, the best option that we have is to send feelers, hoping that the idiot would somehow pick it up. 

Today, this poses as a challenge. Let us pursue the guy we like. Shower him with extravagant gifts, and ask him out to dinner. Pay for the date and drive him home. And once we nail him, let us take that extra mile of dropping to our knee and asking him to marry us… not with a ring, but with a rolex. Message us if it works on him ‘coz you know, we are too scared-shit to do this on our own. 

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